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  1. DVD "Introduction video" with booklet

    This Introductory DVD complete with poster and booklet has been included standard with every bellicon trampoline sold since 2012. The exercises contained on it are generally of the advanced kind. Order your extra copy here. Run time ca. 20 minutes.

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  2. DVD bellicon® Jumping Fitness Advanced (german)
    Push your stamina to the next level at 130 beats per minute while succumbing to zero gravity. Run time ca. 45 Minutes Language: German Included with the bellicon Jumping Fitness trampoline.
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  3. DVD bellicon® Jumping Fitness Basic (german)
    The jumping fitness basic program is the perfect place to start your bellicon® power workout. The diverse exercises shape the body, improve balance and enhance the coordination. Run time ca 45 minutes. Included with bellicon® Jumping Fitness trampoline.
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  4. DVD First Bounce

    Take time to discover the gentle swing of the bellicon® and get your feel for the dynamic mat. Under professional guidance the 'first bounce' program shows you the basic steps and the correct posture on the bellicon®.

    Enhance your balance and coordination and experience the unprecedented feel of the unique bungee suspension. This specific introduction DVD jovially imparts numerous exercises resulting in an effective training on the bellicon. It is ideal for both sexes of all ages.

    Since 1.1.2016 First Bounce is included with every bellicon® trampoline delivery. Run time: ca. 20 Minutes

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  5. DVD Workout "Pilates on fifth (english)
    The bellicon workout DVD by Katherine & Kimberly Corp from Pilates on 5th, NYC teaches you how to use the bellicon in the most sufficient way. For beginner and advanced bellicon user's - everybody will find what they are looking for. Total length: 94 minutes
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