bellicon® Classic

The bellicon® Classic has a black, matte, powder-coated finish and is designed for a lifetime of reliable performance. Available in: 39”, 44” and 49”.

Which is the right size for me? i
Which leg style is better for me? i
Which bungee color should I choose? i
up to 3 different colors per set
Which bungee strength is right for me? i
Which mat color should I choose? i
Which mat type? i
Which model is right for me? i

Choosing your frame size

Abbildung und Anzeige eines bellicon® mit dem Durchmesser von 100cm und einer Sprungfläche von 70cm

Frame diameter 39"
The smallest model offers 27" of actual jumping space (white arrow).

Abbildung und Anzeige eines bellicon® mit dem Durchmesser von 112cm und einer Sprungfläche von 82cm

Frame diameter 44"
With 32" of jumping space the 44" bellicon® is our most popular size.

Abbildung und Anzeige eines bellicon® mit dem Durchmesser von 125cm und einer Sprungfläche von 95cm

Frame diameter 49"

The largest model offers 37" of jumping space which is almost twice as much surface as the 39" bellicon®.

Should I choose the screw-in or fold-up legs?

Screw-in legs If at all possible, we recommend that you find a place in your home where your bellicon® can be left out - the more you see it, the more you'll want to use it. If you plan to leave your bellicon® out, then the screw-in legs are the best option. If you need to transport or stow your bellicon, removing the screw-in legs takes about two minutes while reattaching them take about four.

Fold-up legs For added convenience and portability, we also offer the option of fold-up legs on all of our models. Though just as stable as the screw-in legs, fold-up legs make it quick and easy to stow your bellicon in a closet, under a bed, or in the carry case between uses.

The suspension system - the heart of any trampoline


Bungee strength
The bellicon® bungee cord suspension comes in five difference resistence strengths (soft, medium, strong, extra-strong, ultra) to ensure that you get the bounce performance that's ideal for your weight and fitness level. All five bungee strengths are available in different colors. The strength of the bungees is marked by a color-coded metal clip. Read more here:

Bungee colors
Do you have a color pattern that personally motivates you? Pick your preferred colors - you can currently choose between 10 different colors! Beautiful is what looks nice, motivates you, and boosts your mood. Generally speaking, the brighter the colors of the bungees, the easier it will be to locate the edge of the mat. Enjoy combining your colors!

Mat types - Standard and Comfort mat

Standard mat
Offering a safe and optimally flexible non-slip surface, our mats are custom designed from high-quality polyprophylene (Permatron™). The colorful ring does not only look nice but also helps to identify the borders of the mat making it easier to bounce in the center. Available in 39", 44" and 49", as well as nine different colors.


Comfort mat
With an innovative, padded design, the comfort mat offers an expanded jumping area compared to our Standard mat wit the same diameter. The padded outer edge increases jumping space about 2.5" providing you with more exercise options than ever. Available in 39", 44" and 49", as well as nine different colors.


Patented bungee technology
Since 1995 we have continuously improved our patented bungee cord suspension.

Highly praised
Multiple awards and seals of quality demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Outstanding warranty
The bellicon® combines the highest quality German engineering with a rock-solid warranty that is unmatched.

AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.)

Made in Germany

Swiss Design