Frame Cushions

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Children love to bounce, but they don’t always use the best judgement while enjoying themselves. Our thick, foam frame cushion offers extra protection and increased peace of mind for anyone who expects to have children using their bellicon®. Available in various colors and three sizes to fit any frame.

Though rebounding exercise is excellent for both young and old, children tend to be less cautious and safety conscious when exercising than adults. Our frame pads offer an extra level of security for children using the bellicon® by covering the metal frame with an extra-thick foam layer. It comes in various colors and is available in three sizes that match each of our frame diameters: 39”, 44” and 49”. The padding is easy to attach and the straps are designed to tear away if a certain load is exerted on them, preventing serious injury if a foot should get caught.

NOTE: Children should never use the bellicon® without adult supervision, even with the added security of a frame cushion.