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  1. 2 support handles
    These hand support handles provide extra stability and security when using your bellicon® mini trampoline.
    From $140.00
  2. bellicon Socks
    These socks rock! Our colorful, non-slip socks give your footing added security while bouncing.
    From $9.95
  3. Carry bags
    Our carrying case makes it easy to take your bellicon® with you wherever you go.
    From $90.00
  4. Trolley, steel, black, detachable
    The bellicon Storage Cart is a perfect solution for fitness studios that need to conveniently store their bellicon® Rebounders when not in use.
  5. XBase Basic Set
    Our high-quality Xbase® Training Tubes add an enormous range exercise options, and greater upper body benefits, to your bellicon® workout.
    From $69.00