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Find a wide range of original replacement parts and accessories for your bellicon®

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  1. Bungees
    Highly elastic from cloudy soft to sporty taut: the linchpin of our system comes in five strengths and eight colours.
    From $2.00
  2. Comfort mats
    Bounce as if you are bouncing on clouds! The padding makes training on our bellicon® more comfortable than ever before.
    From $158.00
  3. plastic plug set, 6 pcs, black
    Plastic Leg Inserts (Set of 6)
  4. Rubbercaps
    Our light and dark grey rubber caps deliver the perfect non-slip training experience and also protect the floor.
    From $3.00
  5. Standard mats
    The soft padded edge on the mat makes training on the bellicon® trampoline more comfortable than ever.
    From $130.00