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  1. bellicon Academy - Master Trainer Instruction
    Are you interested in becoming a host center for bellicon Training Courses? Join our Master Trainer two day course to learn how to train our next generation of bellicon trainers!
  2. bellicon USA Basic Online Training

    The bellicon Basic online course is designed to be completed in the comfort of your home or studio environment. This course provides a foundation and introduction to the history of bellicon, how to use and care for equipment, the benefits of rebounding, safety, anatomy and posture, exercises (with progressions and regressions), how to structure a class, working with music, and marketing and communication. The course is a prerequisite to all of our live courses including bellicon Move, Bounce, and Circle.

    Watch this short video for more information:

  3. bellicon USA Training Bounce

    The bellicon Bounce course is a one day specialization course in which the participants learn how to create and choreograph own exercises on the bellicon. The subject matter also covers expertly directing a group training.

  4. bellicon USA Training Circle

    bellicon Circle course participants are taught how to structure a high intensity interval training on and with a bellicon.

  5. bellicon USA Training Comprehensive Package
    Interested in taking all three bellicon Class Courses? Register today by purchasing the Comprehensive Class Package. Includes registration for bellicon Move, bellicon Bounce, and bellicon Circle. PLEASE NOTE - this package does not include the bellicon Basic prerequisite course.
  6. bellicon USA Training Move

    bellicon Move is a holistic and health boosting exercise class open for all adult ages, levels, and abilities. A special priority is placed on learning proper posture and alignment. Another emphasis of the Move regiment is practicing movements that improve balance and coordination.