XBase®Basic Set, soft, orange


Adding Xbase® Training Tubes to your bellicon® opens up a variety of new exercises that can make your workouts even more effective. Currently available in one resistance strength: INTERMEDIATE (orange band). The resistance tubes are equipped with knobs for even greater control of the resistance.

Our Xbase® Training Tubes offer a unique, tube-based workout system that can be used for building specific muscle groups, enhancing overall fitness benefits, or for rehabilitation purposes. There are a number of tube training systems, but none are as well thought-out, simple and versatile as our Xbase® system. They can easily be adapted for use with almost any exercise, making them the perfect addition any fitness program.

The Xbase® concept was developed by a Swiss naturopath and therapist to enhance full-body fitness training while allowing for freedom of movement in three dimensions. Produced in the EU, the Xbase® latex tubes are subject to strict quality regulations. They are made of high-quality latex and can be stretched to six times their length. Because they may be subject to wear from prolonged use, we provide a 1-year warranty on all the components.

Using Xbase® tubes with your bellicon® will make your workouts even more effective, allowing you to engage specific muscles sets with the resistance produced from bouncing on the trampoline. It’s a combination that produces powerful results.

The lengths of the Xbase® tubes are adjustable, and they can be equipped with either handles or foot straps, making them easily adaptable to a wide variety of exercises. They can be attached to the bellicon’s frame, the T-bar on a bellicon® Plus model, or to a door frame by using the included bracket. The fact that it can be attached to different anchor points, at a variety of angles, makes it possible to target specific muscles groups for conditioning.

•    Included: 2 hand grips | 1 foot strap | 1 frame attachment | 1 training poster

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Strength soft
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