The bellicon Mini-Trampoline

Benefits of the bellicon Rebounder

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have getting in shape, losing weight, improving your health, increasing your stamina, and boosting your immune system.

It exercises every one of the 638 muscles in your body while being low-impact, low-stress, and revitalizing to your entire system.

And it’s actually fun, so instead of avoiding your workouts, you’ll be looking forward to them.

a woman exercising on a bellicon® premium trampoline, video play symbol.

The bellicon rebounder is different

Everyone Can Benefit

Whatever your Health and Fitness Goals are, bellicon can help

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Our rebounder is the choice of Olympic athletes improving their speed and seniors citizens rebuilding their health, boxers preparing for a title fights and women fighting osteoporosis and heart disease.

Young or old, in shape or out, the low-impact high-gain performance of the bellicon is the best, most enjoyable and most efficient way for you to get in shape from the inside out. Find out what the bellicon can do for you!

bellicon® – the gold standard in rebounders

Made in Germany

Only the best goes into bellicon® – our industrial-grade steel frames, patented polyamide connector hooks, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly polypropylene mats and, above all, our world-class bungee system. You’re simply better off with a bellicon®.

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