bellicon Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions pertain directly to the bellicon USA Affiliate Program Agreement and define policies, prerequisites, and requirements that affect your participation in all Affiliate Programs for An overview of the bellicon Affiliate Programs that are governed by these Terms and Conditions can be found in the account area of By registering to participate in one or more bellicon Affiliate Programs, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Affiliate Program Details of the Programs you are signing up for. 

1. bellicon brand and Trademarks

1.1 You are not allowed to use or adopt any company name, trade name, brand, trademark, domain name, or URL that incorporates any of bellicon’s domestic or international trademarks.

1.2 Do not adopt or use any variations of any bellicon company trademarks, including "bellicon", "", “bellicon USA” or “” as part of your company's name, brand, trademark, domain name, or URL. 

2. Prohibited Promotional Methods

2.1 All bellicon Affiliate Programs disallow any traffic from Promotional Content or Links served by advertising networks or any other agents if it is linked directly to the website

2.1 All bellicon Affiliate Programs disallow the placement of Promotional Content or Links in any paid search results from any search engine. This includes, and, the parallel domains for those properties, and their content networks (such as Yahoo! Publisher Network, Google AdSense or MSN ContentAds), if it is linked directly to the website Linking from a paid search placement to a non-bellicon domain is allowed as long as you do not immediately redirect the end user to the bellicon sites and services. If you buy traffic to your sites through sponsored links, you must ensure that all campaigns exclude all bellicon domains, i.E.;;; etc.

2.2 You are not allowed to share promotional coupon codes online, i.E. post it on any website, include it in descriptions of Youtube videos or mention it in any videos online, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.. 

3. Content, Promotional Methods and Placements

Your Promotional Methods and your Promotional Content may feature as many Links to the bellicon website as you like. The position, prominence or nature of Links should comply with the mentioned requirements below, or will otherwise result in removal from bellicon USA Affiliate Programs and/or forfeiture of all generated affiliate commissions. The Promotional Content and Promotional Methods you use as part of your participation in the bellicon USA Programs must comply with the following requirements:

3.1 Natural Search Guidelines: You ensure that the name of your domain, its title and the description of your website is relevant and that your website only appears in search engine's results when the content of your website relates to the search query. Do not use search engine optimization methods that are against the guidelines published by the search engine.

3.2 Avoid confusion: Do not design your Promotional Methods in a way that creates confusion with the bellicon websites, the bellicon USA ordering process, or emails sent out by bellicon.

3.3 All domains, URL addresses, and other internet sources containing an affiliate hyperlink must be pre-approved by bellicon USA for affiliate status eligibility. If at any time web referral traffic to is generated from an unapproved domain, URL, or web source, the affiliate account is subject to immediate deactivation. 

4. Qualifying Purchases

4.1 If you or your agent is the buyer, the bellicon Affiliate Program will not count this as a qualifying transaction and you will not earn a commission.

4.2 Last Cookie Counts: A purchase that occurs after the buyer has clicked on multiple Affiliate Links will be counted as a qualifying (commission-generating) transaction only for the Affiliate Partner whose link has been the last one clicked. 

5. Commissions and Payments

5.1 Commissions will be calculated per Qualifying Purchase or as a percentage of bellicon’s revenue generated by a Qualifying Transaction. bellicon USA has the right to change the Program Details with respect to Qualifying Transactions and compensation with 10 days' notice.

5.2 To allow for a lapse of the 30 day bellicon USA customer return period, commission payments for Affiliate Partners are processed on a monthly basis for all valid web referrals received on or before the 15th of the previous month. This process is automated and is not initiated by the Affiliate Partner.

5.3 Should any customer who created a Qualifying Purchase using an Affiliate Link return the product or receive a refund of any amount exceeding the generated commission, the commission will be canceled and deducted from the respective Affiliate Partner balance. bellicon USA is not required to notify the Affiliate Partner of this transaction.

5.4 Affiliate Partners are not allowed to provide or promise discounts to potential customers.

5.5 Commissions for order placed using the bellicon USA installment plan will not be released until the final payment has been received from the customer. The commission will then be treated in the same manner as paid-in-full commissions from the date of the final payment.

5.6 No commissions will be paid for orders that are not placed through the Partner’s affiliate URL link.

5.7 No commissions will be paid unless the Affiliate Partner has a current and valid Federal W9 form on file with bellicon USA.

5.8 The method of payment for valid commissions is at the discretion of bellicon USA and is subject to change.

5.9 Commissions are valid only for purchases of new bellicon Rebounder products. No commissions are available for accessory products.

5.10 No commissions are available for purchases of the Jumping Fitness model.

6. No Guarantee

bellicon does not guarantee the Program will be operable at all times. However, bellicon conducts regular system maintenance to avoid downtimes. 

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 bellicon may change these Terms and Conditions and the Program Details by notifying you by email. After 10 days the revised Terms and Conditions and Program Details take effect and become enforceable. If you do not agree with the revised Terms and Conditions you can remove yourself from all bellicon Programs. If the change affects only one Program and you are registered for that Program, bellicon may inform you by email about changes to the Terms and Conditions and Program Details for that specific Affiliate Program.

7.2 Program Details for each bellicon Affiliate Program may include further information that add to these terms and conditions. If the Terms and Conditions and the Program Details contain contradictory statements about a specific bellicon Program, the terms of the Program Details will prevail in relation to that bellicon Program.

Updated 2/19/2017