Become a bellicon USA Affiliate Partner.

Earn Money by Promoting a Great Product.

bellicon USA Affiliate Program Details

Do you like the bellicon rebounders? Do you want to do more than just use one on your own? 

Easily earn extra money with your website by referring the bellicon rebounder to your website visitors! 

Earn top commissions for every purchase made on through your referred visitors. It is easy to sign up and join. The setup is simple and fast, and transactions are secure and easily tracked. 

Stay up to date on research findings about the various health benefits of using the bellicon. As bellicon Affiliate Partner we will send you updates and keep you in the loop.

bellicon® expert Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta

How to get started?

1) Sign Up

To apply for the bellicon Affiliate Program, please complete this short questionnaire. We will then get in touch with you and approve your new affiliate account.

Go to the questionnaire

2) Promote

Once you are approved, you will then be granted access to your affiliate link as well as many different banner graphics. You can place these on your website, post it on Facebook or even send it to potential customers via email. The link contains a specific identifier that this visitor was referred by you. It looks like

3) Earn

If someone clicks on your link and then purchases a bellicon within 30 days on our website (, our affiliate software ensures that you get a commission. This commission is stored in your affiliate account area on our website.

4) Get Paid

Payouts for successful affiliate referrals are done on a monthly basis - you focus on recommend the bellicon, we'll worry about the rest!

How it works

What do I get paid for?

When each customer that you refer to through your specialized Affiliate Partner link converts into a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of bellicon’s revenue. The percentage depends on the commission program for which you are eligible.

How much will I get paid?

The bellicon USA Affiliate Partner Program offers generous affiliate earnings. They vary by the program. Please see more info at the ‘affiliate‘ tab in your account dashboard.

How do I get paid?

Getting paid for your successful referrals is simple! bellicon USA pays out commissions monthly, so there's no need for affiliates to request payouts.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Before you sign up to become a bellicon Affiliate Partner, we ask you to read and sign our Terms & Conditions.

How it works