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Allow Your Clients to Workout Anytime with bellicon Home


Our revoluntionary video training platform bellicon Home allows your clients access to the benefits of bellicon training even without a trainer present. Whether you want give trainerless group classes, grant individual clients access, or both, bellicon Home has you covered.

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BELLICON home® USER feedback

“This stretching routine was sooooo good. I am excited about all of the videos in bellicon Home. I am pretty sure that my bellicon® will not end up stored away in a closet with all of these very instructive videos to choose from. Thank you!” (Phyllis)

“I love my bellicon® and I love all of these workouts! I love to bounce to high energy music! Keep it coming! Thank you for bellicon Home!!!!!!” (Christina from Florida)

“I am really enjoying this series! I love the style, and the length. Fayth does a great job coaching!! Please keep videos like these coming.” (Kristin)