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Bringing bellicon into your studio:

  • Attractive discounts for studios
  • Financing options
  • ACE accredited training program
  • High rate of returning clients
  • Outstanding warranty
  • On-Demand training options with bellicon Home
  • Excellent customer service & support


Are you interested in bringing fun, exciting and effective equipment into your studio? 

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“Picture SoulCycle. Now, picture SoulCycle without the bikes. Add in trampolines. That's bellicon, the country's first "rebounding" studio, which uses mini-trampolines for a mix of cardio and muscle toning without the impact of a treadmill on your joints. ”

- Chicago Tribune

The bellicon, a premium bungee rebounder (mini-trampoline) manufactured in Germany, is one of the most efficient and fun pieces of exercise equipment ever made.

We've been helping people get healthy and fit in an exciting way for years. Since opening our own bellicon Studio in the heart of Chicago, we've seen studios around the nation implementing the bellicon into their classes with great results for their clients and their business!

Benefits of bringing bellicons into your studio

Attractive Pricing & ROI

Benefit from our expertise and financial analysis to see how much profit your studio will make after implementing bellicons.

bellicon Academy

Certify your trainers through our ACE accredited bellicon Academy courses.

bellicon Home

Make use of our revolutionary on-demand online training platform. Offer trainer-less classes.

Media Attention

Rebounding is blowing up in the media. Partner with the best of the best and receive additional media attention for your studio!

Fitness Studio Testimonials


"We love all of the wonderful benefits that come with rebounding. We have all added strength, coordination and endurance. We know that we are doing great things for our bodies every time we step on our bellicons, and the zero impact makes this class doable for clients of all fitness levels, shapes, sizes, and ages." 

Novo Fitness Studio - Midland, Georgia


"I absolutely recommend purchasing a bellicon for home use, if someone is inclined to workout at home. And I highly recommend fitness studios/gyms, add it into their offerings. It's life changing. "

Boundless Move - Sebastapol, California


"I would definitely recommend purchasing the bellicon.  It is such a unique workout and people enjoy it so much.  Proper training and making sure you have energetic instructors leading the class is definitely key."

Body Alive Fitness - Cincinnati, Ohio