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Rebounding fitness is an up and coming trend. Work with the best of the best in the world of rebounding to receive additional media attention, helping you acheive success for your studio.

Studios in the media


"If you're looking to turn up your cardio, a new studio in Philadelphia has a fun way to help you bounce off calories."

- ABC 6 Philadelphia


"D Bounce combines moves from Pilates and barre, plus high-intensity cardio, all performed on the Bellicon rebounder (think trampoline, but oh so much better). It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s the ideal option for anyone limited by tender joints, or just looking to break away from the mainstream workout routine."

- Voyage Dallas


"Picture SoulCycle. Now, picture SoulCycle without the bikes. Add in trampolines. That's Bellicon, the country's first "rebounding" studio, which uses mini-trampolines for a mix of cardio and muscle toning without the impact of a treadmill on your joints."

- Chicago Tribune