Cost of poor health


America’s new sedentary lifestyle is not only seriously damaging our health, it’s also having a significant economic impact. Of the $3 trillion dollars we spend on healthcare annually, the CDC estimates that physical inactivity is directly responsible for over 11% of it, or more than $330 billion.

 "Workplace stress [causes] additional expenditures of anywhere from $125 to $190 billion dollars a year - representing 5 to 8 percent of national spending on health care“

- Forbes Magazine

return on investment

Everyone benefits when physical activity is introduced into a typical office environment. For employees, it counteracts the multitude of health problems caused by hours of sitting, reduces stress, improves their overall fitness and lifts their spirits. For employers, it energizes and enhances their workforce, empowering them to have healthier, happier and more productive careers.

The bellicon Workplace Program is ideal for improving the health of your office because the bellicon is so much more effective and efficient than other exercise devices. Recent studies done with the bellicon have shown dramatic improvements in cardiovascular strength, fat reduction, body parameters, blood sugar levels, core strength, balance, and more, all in a matter of weeks and just doing a fraction of the 150 minutes of weekly exercise recommended by the World Health Organization.

When you bring these benefits into the workplace, they dramatically affect work performance, absenteeism and overall health. With the reduction of just two sick days a year, the program more than pays for itself.