group training

Bring exceptional studio fitness to your company


When you combine a trained bellicon instructor with the world’s best fitness trampoline, you’re guaranteed to have a remarkable fitness experience: energizing, fun and extremely effective. A bellicon trainer can lead you through the extensive catalog of exercises you can perform on a bellicon and show you how to get the most out of them.

bellicon Group Training is the perfect way to improve the fitness, health and wellbeing of your employees and at the same time cultivate camaraderie and fellowship. There’s nothing else like it for taking your company’s fitness and health to the next level.

 "Bouncing on the bellicon is great for reducing my stress levels. In my opinion, it replaces a complete gym. It's the ideal full-body device for me"

(Susanne Wiedend, customer)

The team that bounces together stays together

Reduce stress after work with bellicon group training, ideally transitioning from working hours to leisure activities. Train together with colleagues and motivate & inspire each other away from the desk.

bellicon group trainings strengthen team spirit and promote social aspects. Stengthen yourself physically and mentally to stay ahead of the competition. 


Ein Mann sitzt auf dem bellicon und lächelt in die Kamera