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Empower your office


The light weight and all-in-one design of the bellicon makes it easy to set up, or set aside, in a moment, making it simple for employees using a Dynamic Workspace to regulate the amount of activity they get throughout the day. The bellicon’s portability also makes it easy for people gathering at a Meeting Point or using an Active Station to quickly adjust the arrangement to suit their group.

bellicon Variations

Every office has its own unique style, configuration and mode of operation, which can make it difficult to integrate new elements into the environment. The flexibility of the bellicon Workplace allows it to seamlessly join your existing workflow. Whether you include it in private offices, shared spaces or conference rooms, the bellicon will enhance the energy and productivity of any room from the very first day.


The bellicon’s simple, elegant design compliments the scheme of any office. It’s available in over a million variations of styles and colors and can be configured to reflect your unique corporate identity. Having a bellicon in their workplace will not only keep your employees fitter and more active, it will also be an expression of your concern for their health and welfare.