Time for a change of heart on cardio

The bellicon® guide to aerobic exercise

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The prescription for a healthy heart is simple. Exercise, exercise and keep on exercising. Doctors, health organisations and lifestyle magazines all tell us the same thing. We’ve got the message, now for the hard part. And most people are sure it will be hard – to find the time, to make a start when you’re so out of shape and not to get bored and quit. Enough of the excuses. We’ve got one answer for all of them: the bellicon® mini trampoline.

Cardio is now convenient and – even more importantly – fun! As your cardiovascular system powers up your circulation, feeding oxygen to your body, you’ll also be building your muscles, lubricating your joints, improving your balance, stimulating your lymphatic system and strengthening your bones. Even more than the benefits of a healthier and more energetic lifestyle, it’s how much you’ll love bouncing that will keep you coming back to the bellicon®.

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Hearty health

Aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise is the single best thing you can do to improve the health of your heart. Duke University School of Medicine endorses this statement by the American Heart Association and goes on to list the three main exercise categories – all of which are possible on a bellicon®.

Aerobic workouts to promote cardiovascular health

Strength training

Flexibility and balance training

Feel the difference

How can our mini trampoline have such a transformative effect on so many of the body’s systems? The answer is that transformation is written with a capital T at bellicon – and is especially evident in the unique design of our suspension system.

Every bounce on our mini trampoline not only engages and strengthens all 638 muscles in your body but also stimulates your heart, lungs and bones. Powerful forces are at play in the simple pleasure of moving up and down. At the bottom of the bounce, your body experiences as much as four times normal g-force and weightlessness at the apex. This oscillation flushes impurities out of your cells and encourages them to soak up nutrients. At the same time, the purging of toxins, bacteria and dead cells by your lymphatic system is accelerated, cleansing you at a molecular level. As if that wasn’t enough, a bellicon® workout aids digestion and has even been proven to tune up your grey matter.

With benefits to everything from major muscles and organs to cells, it’s no wonder you feel reborn after working out on a bellicon®.

A young blonde woman doing knee up exercises on a bellicon® mini trampoline
A woman exercises on a bellicon® mini trampoline and behind her a clock is depicted

How much exercise is enough?

The Mayo Clinic and NHS suggest 30 minutes of aerobic activity five times a week, although you can still achieve some of the benefits of cardio conditioning in less time.

Another option, which gives you the same results, is to break that time down into ten-minute sessions spread throughout the day. This is ideal for rebounders. Bite-sized workouts are not only energising and invigorating. They also add up to wonderful long-term health and fitness gains, including a more efficient cardiovascular system. So leave your mini trampoline out where you’ll see it and be reminded to take a quick “belli break”.

Of course, how much of a workout is right for you personally depends on your health and physical condition. We advise you to ask your doctor which exercise programme is best suited to your needs, especially if you have a heart condition.

Health in leaps and bounds

Help for your heart

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because it rarely has obvious symptoms. But some 62,000 deaths from strokes and heart attack occur because it’s not controlled. The extent of the problem is evident in reports from Blood Pressure UK, the leading charity for the condition, that indicate 16 million people in Britain have hypertension.

That’s enough to give anyone a scare. But take heart – high blood pressure is easily controlled with a few lifestyle changes: eating more healthily, keeping extra weight off and, above all else, exercising. Physical activity is key to cardiovascular health because it increases the strength and resilience of the heart muscle, arteries and blood vessels.

Whatever your age, weight or current physical condition, you can get the gentle, moderate-intensity workout you need with a bellicon®. Just remember to start off slowly. A few minutes cardiovascular exercise a day is all it takes to radically improve your overall health, well-being and quality of life.

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learn about other health benefits of the bellicon®

Total health can be totally fun!

learn about other health benefits of the bellicon®

Total health can be totally fun!

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!