Strengthening the pelvic floor

Feel better and more confident with strong muscles 
in your lower abdomen

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a person’s health and fitness, even for people with existing health problems. 

For people with pelvic floor issues, the right kind of exercise can not only strengthen the surrounding muscles themselves, but also help them to maintain a healthy weight and encourage proper digestive functioning, both of which can help to reduce symptoms. 

This Video teaches you what kind of exercise you can do on the bellicon to strengthen your pelvic floor.

The bellicon and Pelvic Floor Exercise

Though bouncing may not seem like the exercise of choice for pelvic floor issues, the bellicon has proven to be helpful in many cases. It provides a great total-body workout that’s also very gentle due to the bellicon’s use of ultra-elastic bungees for its suspension. The bellicon’s deep, smooth bounce cycle engages and conditions the body without straining muscles, tendons or joints. The result is a workout that’s energizing, fun and effective.

Though the bellicon has been used effectively for improving pelvic floor strength, individual health issues can vary greatly, and rebounding may not be suitable for everyone. For people with existing health issues, it’s always best to check with their health care provider before beginning any new exercise program. 

It’s also important that people with pelvic floor issues start slowly when they begin using the bellicon, increasing the intensity and duration of their workouts very gradually, allowing their bodies to adapt to the exercise comfortably and safely. Depending on the individual, it may also be best to avoid movements that put excess pressure on the pelvic floor, like jumping jacks or deep lunges, and instead build a workout routine from pelvic-friendly, light and moderate-intensity cardio movements.

A graphic representation of the human organism exercising on a bellicon® mini trampoline

Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and tendons in the lower abdomen, beneath the pelvis, that help to support the digestive organs as well as the uterus (in women) and assists in the control of the urinary bladder and bowel functions.

Health issues related to the pelvic floor are extremely common, affecting one in three women. Though most of these disorders don’t pose a serious health risk, they often have an affect on lifestyle issues, including the types of exercise that a woman can perform safely and comfortably.

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