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  • Effective pelvic floor training – bouncing on the bellicon® trains your pelvic floor and deep-lying muscles reflexively

  • Step on it and get started – even simple bouncing to start your training creates a lasting training effect

  • Pelvic floor exercises with a difference – great fun compared to conventional boring pelvic floor exercises

  • Optimal load – individually adjustable bungee strength for everyone

  • A training device for the whole family – strengthen your pelvic floor, improve balance, build endurance or just have fun – the bellicon® is there for everyone!

Exercise your pelvic floor on the trampoline


Exercising the pelvic floor through reflexive muscle tension

Monotonous, arduous pelvic floor exercises lying on a mat, sitting on a chair or on an exercise ball, or standing: this kind of training is not exactly fun. Do you wish to enjoy a form of exercise that is actually fun and also gently and effectively strengthens the pelvic floor? Then the bellicon® mini trampoline is your new pelvic floor trainer!

If pelvic floor exercises are carried out incorrectly, tension increases and you get cramps, which can negatively affect the pelvic floor from functioning properly. Dynamic bouncing during trampoline training prevents these pelvic floor muscle cramps by alternating tension and relaxation. The result is a state of balance and the muscles can optimally perform their support function.

Pelvic floor training at home

Pelvic floor training at home

Pelvic floor training is important not only when the pelvic floor is weakened , but also in constant interaction with the deep-lying supporting muscles of the spine and trunk. So it is a key player for overall back and trunk stability. Through targeted exercises, you strengthen your back at the same time, strengthen your pelvic floor and prevent back pain and other malpositions.

It is important that, on the one hand, a distinction is made between professional trampolines, as used by athletes, and conventional garden trampolines, both of which are associated with very high loads on the pelvic floor, and, on the other hand, gentle and healthy exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline, which stabilises and strengthens the pelvic floor.


The trampoline's positive effects on the pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor has to be very stable and, at the same time, extremely flexible. Anatomically, it forms the muscular base of our body, which has to perform demanding tasks:

  • Due to our upright gait, gravity acts non-stop on the pelvic floor muscles throughout the day. Increases in pressure every day caused by coughing, lifting or jumping are cushioned by it.

  • Controlling the sphincter muscles that "keep things in" and let things out when it's fine.

  • Women's pelvic floors have to make enormous anatomical adjustments in order for them to bear children.

The pelvic floor

If you compare the pelvic floor muscle with a trampoline, you see certain parallels: the pelvic floor muscle stretches out in the pelvis like a trampoline mat; it is dynamically stable. Soft and harmonious bouncing on the bellicon® is the key factor to a stronger pelvic floor. Due to the dynamic jumping mat and the up and down movement when bouncing on the trampoline, the muscles of the pelvic floor are reflexively activated without creating any tension randomly. Activating the pelvic floor using the trampoline is easy, without thinking.

Due to its location in the body, it is directly exposed to gravity, as is the diaphragm. This means that when bouncing on the trampoline, these two muscles are put under the greatest strain. For this reason, even light bouncing or dynamic balancing exercises on the bellicon® mini trampoline are very effective.

The trampoline's positive effects on the pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor training during pregnancy

Pelvic floor training during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to enormous hormonal changes, the pelvis' stability also changes. All parts around the pelvis become more flexible to make childbirth easier. After delivery, a dysfunctioning of the pelvic floor and pelvic area can occur. The pelvic floor may become more sensitive, cramp up or have too little tension or strength. This can lead to incontinence or constipation, among other things.

Pregnancies, the weeks after birth or different types of incontinence can be very individual. We, therefore, advise you to always discuss using bellicon® with your gynaecologist or midwife in advance. Our training tips can show you what a pelvic floor training session could look like.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in the event of urinary incontinence

Pelvic floor training on the trampoline

Urinary incontinence means that urine cannot be held back optimally. One may not be able to hold back urine well during strain when, for example, coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting things, walking upstairs, running, hopping or jumping. This is called stress incontinence. Incontinence with men is often associated with operations on the lower abdomen, e.g., prostate surgery.

It is, therefore, very important to maintain or recuperate the muscles around the pelvis and the pelvic floor as well as possible through regular and targeted training. Make sure that you activate your pelvic floor well during training and then thoroughly relax again afterwards. The results quickly lead to an improvement and thus to a significant increase in your quality of life.


Pelvic floor: bellicon® customer testimonial


"After giving birth for the second time, I had a few pounds too many and enormous problems with my pelvic floor. That's why my midwife more or less banned me from doing sports. While doing research on the internet, I came across the bellicon® and bought it.

Incredible, but true: after only five months, I was fit like never before and over 20 kg lighter! And I still am, of course! The bellicon® has become an indispensable part of my life! Thank you very much for this great piece of sports equipment! [...]“ 

Pelvic floor: bellicon® expert testimonial

Gisela Schirmer
Pelvic Floor Specialist

"Regular bouncing on the soft bellicon® improves blood circulation and the responsiveness of the pelvic floor; the cells are better nourished and are instructed not to calm down and relax! […]

The fact that we work in a standing position gives the pelvic floor a healthy stimulus to work, and the brain learns too. A large part of our pelvic floor tissue, including the bladder itself, is supplied by the autonomic nervous system and this reacts to joy, but also to anger and stress. bellicon® trampoline training brings lots of joy. [...]“ 


The bellicon® trampoline is an excellent device for exercising the pelvic floor. Good exercises for the pelvic floor are first and foremost stabilisation and coordination exercises, whereby complete attention is given to tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. When exercising on the bellicon®, the change in gravity automatically trains all muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles. In the start-up phase, you should choose somewhat thicker bungees so that the bouncing effect on the mat is not too strong. Test your pelvic floor strength in relation to the bungee strength: if the pelvic floor tension decreases, you should switch to stronger bungees or adjust the exercise.

Pelvic floor training on the bellicon®

Important tips for your pelvic floor training

Tips for your pelvic floor training on the trampoline

Soft bungees

  • Choose the bungees that match your body weight. It is important that you bounce well with the mat so that your pelvic floor receives harmonious and pleasant training.

  • With a softer bungee, you sink deeper into the mat and the load on the pelvic floor is minimised. If you feel insecure, you can always use stronger bungees.

Pelvic floor training: Bouncing instead of jumping

Bouncing instead of jumping

  • It is important that your feet always have contact with the mat. Bounce with the mat and do not lift off the jumping mat for the time being. This is how you learn to control your pelvic floor during optimal initial training.

  • When jumping high, you experience a weightless moment in which the muscles are difficult to control, which is why you should first build up good muscle tension.

Pelvic floor training: Body perception

Preparation through body perception

  • Start with perception exercises lying down or sitting if you have little experience with pelvic floor training. In this way, you build up the connection with the pelvic floor and minimise pressure on the muscles and the bladder.

  • Step by step: feel good, increase your exercises in a sitting and finally in a standing position on the bellicon®.

Pelvic floor training: Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

  • Make your training for a strong pelvic floor a part of your everyday life. If your pelvic floor muscles are weakened, it is important that you set regular training stimuli. Thus, your body will learn how to manage connecting to and controlling the pelvic floor even during everyday activities, such as, for example, lifting loads, coughing or sneezing.

  • Even short training sessions bring benefits! Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase your training time.

Pelvic floor training: Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises for pelvic floor weakness

  • Do you want to strengthen your trunk too? Make sure you do exercises where you do not shorten the abdominal wall (e.g., classic sit-ups). This would be counterproductive because it could weaken the pelvic floor muscles.

  • Tip: It's better doing abdominal exercises in the static way, so-called "planking" position, in which you support yourself on your forearms, which is perfect for this.

Pelvic floor training; Advanced users

For advanced bellicon users

  • The wider you stand on the bellicon®, the more difficult it becomes to control the pelvic floor muscles.

  • To increase the training stimulus, try to activate the pelvic floor separately, without tensing your glutes or adductors.


Increase your training intensity after just a few weeks of initial training

Have you gotten used to the bellicon training, and would like to slowly increase the intensity? The following training video gives you an insight into possible pelvic floor training on the bellicon® mini trampoline. Hang in there and exercise in your own home.

Our bellicon Home online training platform:

  • A variety of exercises will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while having fun.

  • A team of expert trainers will motivate you every day with a continuously growing range of different levels of difficulty and training.


Strong pelvic floor with your perfect bellicon®

For optimal pelvic floor training, we recommend the 125 cm diameter bellicon® Premium with fold-in-legs. The mini trampoline is a loyal companion for the whole family and can be stowed away quickly using the practical fold-in-legs. The comfort mat with a diameter of 125 cm is ideal for pelvic floor exercises while lying down, as the edge allows for more comfort and space thanks to the soft padding. The scratch-resistant stainless steel frame makes it a long-lasting partner even with intensive use. Select your bungee strength to match your body weight. With our bellicon® configurator, you can easily determine the most suitable bungee strength for you.

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