Darren Barker: World Champion Boxer Trained on bellicon

bellicon USA 27.03.2014

Darren Barker is a British boxer who, on August 17th, 2013, became the International Boxing Federation world middleweight champion. His first opportunity to gain the title had come two years earlier, but he lost the fight to Sergio Martinez in the 11th round. 

Injuries, including a persistent problem with his hip, threatened to end his career, but rather than retire, he decided to change his training methods. He began working with Wayne Leal, whose methods, as far as professional boxers are concerned, are very unorthodox, including meditation, yoga...and bellicon rebounding!

Two years later, he was the world middleweight champion and a bellicon believer.

Check out this BBC video profile of Darren Barker and Wayne Leal in which they explain their training methods, which includes several shots of Darren working out on his 44” bellicon!

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