What is the bellicon Academy ?

The bellicon Academy offers a variety of schooling options providing relevant in-depth knowledge enabling you to educate others to the joys and benefits of the bellicon exercise regime. Expand your insight and skills whilst learning all about bellicon's training philosophy. Discover the range of educational possibilities open to prospective bellicon personal trainers. 

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We educate - You benefit


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The bellicon Academy is open to anyone with a passion for fitness and health. Academy education ensures that our certified trainers are fully qualified and ready to maintain the high quality standards that bellicon is known for. We at bellicon are not only dedicated to offering our members the best training available, we are also dedicated to seeing them succeed.

Trainer / Professional

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For those already working as professionals in the fitness or health industry, bellicon training will help you to expand your client base and open new market segments. Your bellicon training is adaptable to the needs of your current and future clients, with workout strategies suitable for any age group or fitness level. bellicon education, products and support will enhance and empower your practice.


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Expand and invigorate your studio with a lift from bellicon. Along with our Academy training, our versatile line of mini-trampoline products and accessories allows you to offer your customers a new, exciting, effective and wonderfully enjoyable fitness experience. If you’re looking to enhance your present studio, or planning on opening a new one, bellicon can help you make it excel with our attractive studio packages. For your staff, we offer group rates for bellicon training or provide in-house training upon request.

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The bellicon Academy career path

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Prior experience

The road to becoming a certified bellicon trainer is open to anyone with a passion for fitness and a desire for excellence. Though having experience as a fitness trainer or physical therapist is advantageous, it’s not required. Academy training offers everything you need to become a knowledgeable, effective and successful bellicon instructor.

The bellicon certification

The bellicon Basic course is the foundation of our educational program, covering the essentials of health and fitness and how to correctly and effectively train with the bellicon mini-trampoline. After completion of the Basic course, participants are eligible for further, specialized education and training. This specialization prepares Academy graduates for success by further expanding their skills as well as the types of training they can offer their clients.

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Where to next?

Upon completion of your bellicon Academy training, you’ll be ready to jump into your career as a certified bellicon trainer with both feet! Whether you plan on using your training to begin a fitness career, enhance your existing practice or whether you plan on offering your expertise to existing fitness or health studios, your Academy training and certification will have you fully prepared to meet the challenge.

Please note

Our training for instructors and therapists is comprehensive, reliable and certified worldwide and comes with a no-fee licensing system. bellicon training is also approved by the American Council on Exercise (“ACE”) and applies toward “ACE” Continuing Education Credits. Offering your services as a certified bellicon trainer, and the commercial use of the bellicon® brand, is only possible if bellicon® trampolines are exclusively used.

Acclaim for the bellicon academy


Ein Bild von bellicon Kursteilnehmerin Mirka L.

Mirka Looks - bellicon Bounce participant

'The courses are simply fun but never the less rather demanding. The holistic training is quite a challenge.'


Ein Bild von bellicon instruktor Linda H.

Linda Haus - bellicon Move trainer

'The feedback received from the participants is totally positive. They feel comfortable and rarely over exerted but rather that the whole body has been active. I really enjoy providing this course.'


Ein Bild von Oxygym besitzer Patric W.

Patric Widmer - Owner OxyGym, Bülach, Switzerland

'Our group fitness clientelle increased dramatically sinse we incorporated the bellicon training in January 2015. We experienced explicit requests for the bellicon training and consequently other courses, too. Despite the lasting heat wave this summer we noted a direct increase in memberships.'