Certification courses in:
Chicago, IL
New York City, NY
Los Angeles, CA

2 days total 14 hours


The bellicon Basic Training is the foundation for any further training in the bellicon Academy. Students will learn signature exercises designed specifically for the bellicon and how to apply the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and training theory. A special focus is placed on proper execution of the exercises and communication in training. In addition, the main bellicon training concepts are presented to further prepare the individual for future bellicon courses. 

For dates, locations and descriptions of courses, or to register, go to the listing at the bottom of this page. 

Though the majority of training courses are held in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, we always welcome the opportunity to bring Academy training to locations throughout the United States as well as internationally. Please contact us at info@bellicon-usa.com for more information about arranging classes in your area. 

Tuition: $399 for two days of training (14 hours)

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Individual criteria

This course is open to all interested candidates. Previous experience gained on a bellicon® or as a coach or group fitness trainer is advantageous but not required. Basic anatomical knowledge serves to better understand the theoretical content covered in the course. We also recommend participating in a first aid course.

Course content

  • The bellicon® and its qualities
  • Introduction to bellicon Training
  • Communication
  • Anatomy und Physiology
  • Music tuition
  • Training structure and organisation
  • Numerous practical applications to the respective theoretical content
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  • Theoretical content
  • Practical Basic exam


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