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1 Day 
8 Hours


At the bellicon Circle course participants are taught how to structure a high intensity interval training on and with a bellicon. The Circle format is a partner workout where mutual motivation and inducement are applied to attain and exceed the individual's physical boundaries. Upon successful completion of the Circle course you can lead a varied total body workout for people in good physical condition. Strength, endurance and coordination are an integral part of a bellicon Circle training. 

Tuition: $199

bellicon circle course data

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Individual criteria

A pre-condition for attending the Circle course is the successful completion of the bellicon Basic Course. Knowledge of a broad spectrum of exercises using one's own body weight is of vital importance. One should have a high level of physical fitness as Circle training is geared as an athlete's training.

Course content

  • Various exercise units
  • Advantages of a HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Structuring a bellicon Circle class
  • Music tuition
  • Training principles
  • Power and weight training
  • Application of diverse accessories
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  • Theoretical content
  • Practical Move exam


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