bellicon® jumping.
join the fitness revolution!

bellicon Jumping

Join the fitness revolution!

What is bellicon® Jumping?

bellicon JUMPING is the ultimate full body workout on a bellicon mini-trampoline. Take your fitness studio to the next level with bellicon's latest training method!

The newest entry into bellicon® Academy certification course portfolio is a hollistic workout designed for participants of all ages and fitness levels.


bellicon® JUMPING is significantly more effective than jogging while simultaneously easy on the joints. Belly, legs, behind -- bellicon® JUMPING strengthens all parts of the body. In addition, the dynamic exercises improve your stamina and promote a healthy back. bellicon® Jumping is a fast-paced, safe, and effective workout routine for users of all fitness levels.

bellicon® JUMPING makes you happy, because in this workout endorphins are naturally triggered! bellicon® JUMPING offers a dynamic group feeling and an upbeat workout to high-energy music. bellicon® Jumping is perfect for beginners or experts of any age of weight. The important thing is to have fun! Jumping movements and techniques are easy to learn and guarantee quick success for beginners and experts alike.

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Course Cost: $399. Digital manuals only included.

Pre-Requisite Course Required: NO

NEXT COURSE DATE: Feb. 22 + 23 Saturday/Sunday education from 10am - 7pm

Instructor Trainer: Julia van Kalderkerken

This is not yet ACE accredited.