Company History

bellicon USA was founded in February 2010 as a franchise of the Swiss company "bellicon AG" with headquarters in Bellikon, in the canton of Aargau. 

bellicon AG was founded in October 2003, and arose from two companies, each of which made their mark in the last 20 years with high quality health products: 

Rebound Dynamics Europe

The Swiss company "Rebound Dynamics Europe" was established in 1985. Under the direction of Charles Luginbühl, Rebounders (mini trampolines with steel springs) were further developed with particular focus on elasticity and dynamic quality since 1992. In cooperation with Ingrid Luginbühl J. and Birgit Buschmann the user concept of the ‘Dynamic Rebounding Method’ was developed, so that all customers would have access to holistic health training. 


The German company "Vital-Trainings-Management" (VTM) was founded in 1985 by Gert von Kunhardt in Cologne. Under the motto "refresh, not exhaust", tens of thousands of people got to know the Kunhardt-Method in past years, and with "courage to go slowly" they discovered a gentle health training. Using the practical experience gained in these seminars, Philipp von Kunhardt and Heiko Schmauck started to develop the highly elastic Medi-Swing in 1995.

bellicon AG

The newly founded "bellicon AG" came to life due to correlation and completion of the product assortment of both above mentioned companies. RDE as well as VTM wanted to develop and build the highest quality mini trampoline. Expertise and Esprit were bundled and introduced into the new "bellicon AG" to gain the experience of pure health with bellicon products internationally. 

One of the first results of the combined production process is the "bellicon" (formerly known as bellicon-Swing), which combines the knowhow and best qualities of both manufacturers. It is the goal of the "bellicon AG" to continually improve their trampolines and develop sensible additions.

bellicon usa

"bellicon USA LLC" with headquarters in Chicago distributes the highly elastic bellicon mini trampolines world-wide under the leadership of Philipp von Kunhardt (with focus on the US market), which are distinguished by their special, patented bungee cord rings. Due to this system, exercising on the bellicon mini trampolines is superior to all other types of mini trampolines available on the market, which are mainly noticeable through their much harder spring systems.