bellicon® Premium

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The bellicon® Premium has a beautiful, stainless steel frame that's scratch resistant and antiseptic. Innovative, high-tech engineering makes it exceptionally strong and durable.


choose from two different frame sizes

44" frame diameter
Our most popular size, offering 40% more jumping area than our 39" model.

49" frame diameter
Our largest size has a jumping area 33% greater than the 44" and almost twice that of the 39".

SCREW-IN legs or folding legs

Screw-in legs
If you plan on leaving your bellicon® out (which we recommend, since the more you see it, the more you'll use it), then the screw-in legs are your best choice. If you need to store or transport your bellicon®, it takes about two minutes to remove the legs and about twice that to reattach them.

Folding legs
If you plan on stowing or transporting your bellicon® between uses, the folding legs are the better choice. When in place, the folding legs are just as sturdy as the screw-in legs, but they can be folded or unfolded in moments, making it easy to store your bellicon in a closet or under a bed between uses.


Bungee strength
The bellicon's bungee cord suspension comes in five different resistance strengths: Soft, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong, and Ultra. A choice of bungee strengths allows people of diverse body weights, fitness levels, and workout styles to get the bounce performance that's perfect for them. All bungee strengths are available in our full line of colors. You can learn which bungee strength is right for you by going here.

Bungee colors
Select bungee colors that lift your spirits, match your decor, or get you in the mood to bounce! With thousands of color combinations, you can customize your bellicon and let our configurator show you how it will look before you buy.

Standard mat or Comfort mat

Standard Mat
Our Standard Mat is included with every bellicon®. They are made of high-quality, woven polypropylene and are built for comfort, durability, and to enhance the elasticity of our bungees. They are weather and UV resistant, so they can be used indoors or out.

Comfort Mat
Our Comfort Mat is an optional enhancement to your bellicon®. It offers the same benefits as our Standard Mat, but its innovative design adds an integrated, padded extension around the periphery of the mat. Its sleek, stylish appearance compliments the look of any bellicon®.


Patented Bungee Technology
Since 1995, we have continued to perfect the performance of our custom-formulated bungees and our patented suspension system.

Multiple Awards
The bellicon® has received accolades and seals of approval from major organizations throughout the world for our uniquely effective design, quality, and performance.

Guaranteed Security
Every bellicon® is an exceptional, high-quality German product that comes with guarantees of long-lasting durabiltiy and performance.