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Strong Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes
Tone your Thighs, Hammies, and Tuchus

Are you on of those ladies whose favorite skinny jeans have been hanging in the closet, staring at you for quite a while?

Well, it is actually time to get them out and back on!

Follow Arnita in this short and quick workout with three different squat exercises which will benefit your Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes.
REBOUND WITH DEB – one of the many bellicon ACADEMY successes!
bellicon Training 16.06.2016
Last month we launched our bellicon ACADEMY program. The bellicon ACADEMY offers a variety of training options to teach anyone interested in educating others and sharing the joys and benefits of the bellicon exercise regime.
Proprioception: Stand strong, stand still
Have you ever wondered why the police will test sobriety by asking people to touch their nose with eyes closed?

Well, there is a scientific reason for that, which is called “proprioception”.
This term comes from two Latin words: proprius, which means one’s own/individual, and capio, from the verb capere which means grasp/sense. The combination of the two forms “proprioception”, basically the sense of the body in space: its position, movement, and acceleration.
Do not allow your Achilles Tendon to become your Achilles' Heel!
Do not allow your Achilles Tendon to become your Achilles' Heel!
The Achilles tendon is one of the longer tendons in our body, stretching from the bones of our heel to our calf muscles. This tendon allows us to extend our foot and point our toes to the floor.
Close-chain rebounding, the perfect low impact training for your body
Close-chain rebounding, the perfect low impact training for your body

No doubt when you get close to a bellicon you cannot resist it: you need to jump! And like a kid you try to jump as high as you can. But, did you know you can get so many health benefits rebounding with your feet never leaving the bellicon mat?

Here at bellicon we call it “close-chain rebounding”, allowing for a low impact workout: feet stay on the mat and just the movement created by gravity provides so much good to your body.
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When Change Happens And Manifests Primarily In the Ones who Never quit, you have a real CHAMPION!
Meet Arnita Champion, our new bellicon video trainer!

A former World-Class hurdler, Arnita knows that life also has its obstacles and barriers that must be cleared: and what better way to do so rebounding on a bellicon!

Arnita is a Certified Personal Trainer, NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers) who puts the “P” in Personal Training!
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New upper body exercise with Remy
Strengthening your upper body, especially the shoulders and back, will give you the solid posture important for aesthetic appeal and to prevent back pain even when you're not working out. Sure enough strong arms and shoulders can also give athletes like runners an essential boost of speed, and a solid upper body can help them maintain balance.
A real bellicon Pro joins from the Netherlands
Remy Draaijer from the Netherlands joined bellicon Home and put together a great video workout at the coast line of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Many of you may know him from other video workouts he did in the past. This one is about our posture and feet position.
bellicon Circle – Tabata style
Do you want a High Intensity Interval Training workout but do not have a lot of time for yourself? Follow Fayth’s new bellicon Circle Tabata style video and get a proper circuit training in only 10 minutes!

This workout is inspired by bellicon Circle, a specific training designed by the bellicon Academy: typically, it is performed in pairs at various bellicon stations set up circularly.
bellicon Bounce, another “fun-tastic” class offered by bellicon Academy
Are you looking for a high-energy, full-body, calorie-burning, muscle-toning workout which is as much fun as it is intense? Then you have to try the bellicon Bounce class.

bellicon Bounce is a new training concept incorporating a combination of endurance and power sets in varying degrees.