Customer Testimonials

The best health investment I have ever made
Richard 28.05.2017

I recently had a bone density test and was told I have osteopenia. In fact, I am very close to having osteoporosis. A friend of mine reminded me of my rebounder, (one of the top of the line spring rebounders) which I had not used regularly for about 10 years. After reading that NASA uses rebounding to help restore bone density in astronauts after their time in space, I decided to pull mine out. I was surprised when, what I remembered as being fun and easy, felt like jumping up and down on the floor! This was not going to be good for my 62 year old body! So I began researching for the best rebounder I could find. I needed something easy on my knees and joints! The name “bellicon” continually appeared! I decided to give it a try! I ordered the 44” bellicon and have fallen in love with it. The difference is amazing! I have absolutely no dread factor when it comes to jumping on my bellicon. I look forward to it each day, several times a day! It is fun, easy on my joints and knees, and so quiet you can jump on it during your family’s favorite TV show without disturbing them! I can already tell you this is the best health investment I have ever made. So much so, I have ordered a 39” with foldable legs to keep in my bedroom and to take with me on all my trips. I can’t always walk because of the weather, but I can always rebound on my bellicon. I never want to be without my workout partner! #belliconequalshealthybones!

– Vanessa

The whole family uses it
Richard 14.05.2017

I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but just had to share my love for my bellicon rebounder! I did a great deal of research before making my decision so I was very informed when making my purchase. bellicon customer support was stellar before and after my purchase. I knew this was the right fit for my fitness needs, but little did I know, it would also greatly help my son. My son has Apraxia of speech which often comes with motor planning issues. He also struggled with some sensory issues and needs to jump to center himself. This has changed his world! He is calmer, happier, and his low muscle tone has even greatly improved! I thought this would mainly be for me, but the whole family uses it. It is structurally solid and aesthetically pleasing. My son's therapists have already been inquiring about this great rebounder to help their other occupational therapy clients. bellicon has far exceeded my expectations and all that research was well worth it. bellicon, I can't thank you enough.

– Steffani

Glad I bought it
Richard 12.05.2017

I have been rebounding off and on since the 1970's. My last purchase was a spring rebounder and I started noticing my back would hurt after I finished only 10 min. I'm getting older and realized it was probably too hard a bounce for me. So i started researching and found the bellicon and I love it. I can really feel the difference and love the bounce and the availability of the videos so I don't get bored. My core strength is improving so much I even hit a 200 yard drive at my age of 69; I've never done that before and the bellicon is the only thing I have been doing that is different. So glad I bought it and am enjoying it immensely.

– Donna

Investment in my health
Richard 05.04.2017

I watched many many videos, read review after review, and then decided to go for it and get the bellicon 44" plus with foldable legs and the t-bar. Cannot be happier!! It was an investment in my health and I recommend it to anyone who's considering getting a mini trampoline. Don't buy the el cheapo "as seen on tv" versions. You won't regret getting a bellicon!

– Melissa

The quality and the support have been a gift to our lives
Richard 29.03.2017

I just wanted to thank you for making the only mini-trampoline that my son can use.  My son is now 20 years old and was diagnosed with autism.  After many years of trying other models of mini-trampolines, we realized that we were spending more money than necessary as we went through one mini-trampoline after another very quickly.  In addition, the quality of these other mini-trampolines was not good as there were problems with safety and poor jumping performance.

I remember my son’s legs falling through the springs on some of them and having to tend to the cuts that he received.  I also remember another major company refusing to even honor our warranty because they claimed that because my son was diagnosed with autism and was jumping higher than normal, he was not using the mini-trampoline under conditions of “normal use” so they claimed that this voided our warranty completely.  We were left to throw out the broken metal legs that had completely broken off of the unit, with no effective warranty for us.

Finally, almost 4 years ago, we bought our first bellicon mini-trampoline and we immediately noticed how much happier our son was on this unit.  The bounce was better than anything else we had ever found - our son was so thrilled to discover that he could jump so much higher with the springier, more solid structure.  I also am amazed that everytime we have contacted bellicon with an issue, they have cheerfully worked with us to replace any needed parts under warranty with no hesitation at all.

The superior quality of bellicon and the much-needed support have been a gift to all of our lives here.  Thank you, bellicon, for making my son’s favorite mini-trampoline, and making the many hours that he jumps on it every day so much happier.

– Susan

I work smarter not harder!
Richard 23.03.2017

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for bellicon. I have had extreme arthritis and was unable to exercise without pain. I purchased another brand with springs and it hurt me so bad I gave it away. I then called customer service for bellicon usa and was helped by someone who not only used one on a regular basis, but had the complete knowledge to help me with my order. When I received the bellicon, I was so excited that it was easy to use right away. When I started to use it I was only able to do it about 3 to 5 minutes at a time several times a day. I have Asthma and did not want to hurt myself. Within two months I was able to work up to thirty minutes at a time. After about a year and a half, I am able to rebound for 40 plus minutes at a time. I love the fact that I can work out without pain and get beautiful results in such a small window of time. I work smarter not harder!

– Tammy

Never going back to springs
Richard 14.03.2017

I have been into health & fitness exercising since I was 12yrs of age. Learning a lot throughout 35yrs & owning all types of equipment, including the 323 Precor trainer gym - Nordic Track self propelled treadmill with the self propelled arms included & Ellipticals along with free weight training. I have now turned my routine over to using a trampoline. I’ve been using a Cellerciser spring design for quiet a while now. Wanting to find out more about whats out there I decided to do some further research & I found bellicon. After reading up on the benefits with the bungees versus the springs design & watching the video bellicon provided, I wanted one. So my fiancé ordered me the bellicon Premium stainless steel with the fold up legs & pink bungees as a surprise {-thanks baby-}. WoW!!! Words alone is hard to explain the difference in the bounce u have to feel it. NO strain on the joints What-So-Ever -NONE-.!. I have NEVER written a review before but this company deserves to be recognized for their AMAZING design & quality. Plus u get to customize the trampoline to your benefit & choose your own colors -Sweet!!!

P.S. Never going back to springs or owning another piece of equipment. bellicon & free weights for arm strengthening is all I’m going to need from here on

Thanks bellicon your AWESOME!!!

– Tonya

Look forward to working out
Richard 02.03.2017

I just bought a bellicon a month ago. The first time in my life that I’m actually addicted to and look forward to working out. I first purchased a rebounder with springs, but it felt way too stiff. Did research on and purchased the beliicon...HUGE difference. The jumping is akin to gliding. I’m also glad that I chose the 44 inch...way more room to do the moves. Love it!

– Michelle

I have been rebounding for the last 25 years
Richard 23.02.2017

I wanted to thank everyone at bellicon for being such a great company and offering an awesome rebounder! I have been rebounding for the last 25 years but I never had a bellicon.  When I relocated to North Carolina in 2015, I sold my old rebounder. I was then diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was unable to rebound for a while. After reading about how rebounding is effective for the lymphatic system and with the early stages of lymphedema, I was more intrigued about the bellicon rebounder.

@anna, in sales, was great to talk with when I was purchasing my rebounder. @billy, in customer service, was also quick to respond to all my questions. @fayth, one of the instructors, has also been a joy to exchange emails along with her great videos! Jeremy, Jill and Daisy, love your videos too! The videos are amazing and I bounce with at least 2 videos a day.

I have the 49 inch, platinum, strong, blue/green bungees and black/blue mat. I love that you can’t hear the bungees when you are bouncing, unlike my old rebounder with springs :blush:. What a difference and so much quieter. The workmanship is world-class quality! I am telling so many of my friends to purchase a bellicon since it is a great investment. I am already seeing quick results in such a short period of time! Thank you so much! #JillianStrong

– Jillian

Bouncing has changed my son's life
Richard 08.02.2017

Hi Billy,

I can't thank you enough for your incredible support of your product. Bouncing has changed my son's life by allowing him a healthy way to relieve the stress and tension of high school. I actually think he was able to stop taking his ADHD meds because of the bouncer. My husband says I am a "genuis" for introducing a bouncer to my son years ago. However, he thought I had lost my mind when I ordered the bellicon,as it was about three times the cost of the one I had previously bought. Now we are both amazed at how much it has helped him with his social anxiety and stress. And we are so grateful that you understand that these children really use the bouncer a lot!

Again, thank you!

– Constance