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Exercising that Isn't!
Heather 24.01.2017

This rebounder is nothing like a rebounder with springs. Not only are you not distracted by loud squeaking, but the bounce is deep and relaxing vs. hard and unforgiving like other brands.

When was the last time you voluntarily did back-to-back exercise videos? I start off with a video from the Bellicon 50-Day Challenge and then hop over to YouTube and play a song from an aerobics playlist (Footloose soundtrack, "Little Pink Houses' by John Cougar Mellencamp, "She's a Maniac" from the Flashdance soundtrack, "Stayin' Alive," Bryan Adams, some George Michael etc)--but it's impossible to listen to just one video, so I end up exercising through another 1-3 videos. This isn't exercise, this is play!

Absolutely Amazing
Cdubbb 14.07.2016

To say I LOVE my Bellicon would be an understatement. I've gone from the spring version to trying the bellicon at my Pilates Studio to salivating over them for months before I was able to get one. While it may seem costly compared to others, trust me, it is THE BEST investment you will ever make in a piece of exercise equipment. The difference between the lower priced models and the Bellicon is worlds apart in terms of quality of product and much importantly, quality of life! You only have to check YouTube to hear the difference. Not only are the products premium their customer service is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and get one!

Feels so good!
Bounce Babe 14.07.2016

I have the Bellicon Premium 49". I love it. I am 51 years old and bought the Strong bungees as I am 120 pounds. The bounce feels so smooth and wonderful compared to my other cardio workouts! I got the folding legs too which are great for when I want to pull my Bellicon outside. Sometimes I do a longer bounce as my only workout, and then sometimes, I tack it onto one of my Cathe workouts. I rebound at least twice a day even if it is just two of the shorter 360 workouts. I LOVE the Bellicon 360 workouts (great variety on intensity and duration). Faythe and Jeremy are both great instructors and give good safety cues and reminders. It is nice that Bellicon gives you a free year of using those videos. I do wish the Bellicon came in a nice bright purple though. But I got the blue with the Blue/Green bungees and that was a nice combination. I'd highly recommend the Bellicon rebounder. BEST REBOUNDER OUT THERE!

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Don't waste your time or money on a competitor's model
Jen 13.07.2016

Don't waste your time or money on a competitor's rebounders. I initially bought one of the $100 rebounders as seen on tv, and the legs broke within the first couple of months. The manufacturer gave me a replacement model, but I decided that I would upgrade to a better model. I did a lot of research and settled on another model at the $350-400 price point. It was definitely a steadier better quality model that worked fine and gave me no problems, but it was noisy and didn't provide a much different bouncing experience than the $100 model. At the time I wanted to upgrade, I just couldn't justify the higher price of the Bellicon. Boy was I wrong! I tried my sister's Bellicon, and there was no comparison between the 3 models. The Bellicon was absolutely amazing, and I had to buy one for myself. It is a completely different bouncing experience, and is so much fun that I want to exercise all of the time. THE BELLICON IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am just sorry that I wasted my money on these other models. I recommend the 49" classic, as it gives you so much more bouncing area. And, LOVE the fun bright pink color.

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Great home accessory
Conniechirules 30.06.2016

This is a great investment. It feels good on my bare feet, makes me happy with it's complete silence when I bounce and looks fine in the middle of the TV room where I can hop on when the whim strikes me. My loyal treadmill machine in the other room requires power, the donning of shoes, and I can't carry it outside like I can my beautiful rebounder!!!

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Excellent product
Jenny 21.06.2016

I love my bellicon! I bought the hexagonal shaped rebounder and its design and durability make all the difference - I used to use a regular spring mini trampoline for exercising a couple of years ago. Honestly, after experiencing the soft (and quiet) bounce of a bellicon versus the spring, I definitely prefer the better quality and longer lasting bellicon. My children think it's fun too :)

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Best Exercise Ever!
Osteo BLAST 29.05.2016

The day I found out I had osteoporosis at age 50, I ordered my bellicon. Having been consistent about exercise for the past 25 years, mostly low impact cardio and a lot of weight lifting, believe it or not, I have been shocked at the degree of muscle growth in my lower body in such a short period of time. At only 5 ft, I ordered the 49" which gives me plenty of room to do all of my "moves". I agree with others, it is addictive!

A joy!
Jeff 29.04.2016

I'm 6'2" over 200lbs, 45 years old. I went with the 44" extra strong. I've had it about a month and I do 20 minutes a day. I truly look forward to it (unlike other forms of exercise). I feel like I have to do it every day and always plan for it, whether it's early morning or after work. I always feel better afterwards. It's easy on the joints and I can just picture the lymph flowing. I like bouncing outdoors, but indoors is cool too when the weather is bad. No excuses! My daughter loves it too. Looking forward to rebounding for a long time to come.

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Kira 25.04.2016

I love my Bellicon Rebounder! It is quiet, beautiful, and has really helped clearing out my lymphatic system.

Runner's High
Janet 23.04.2016

It has been 17 years since I have been able to jog/run due to a knee injury requiring two right knee arthoscopies. I am 57 years old and I miss running so much. I do a lot of walking, hiking, biking and swimming, but none of these activities give me that runner's high that I miss from my days of running. You runners out there will know that feeling!

I hesitated about purchasing a rebounder because I was fearful it would hurt my bad knee. I do not live near a big city where they sometimes have Bellicons to try at some of the gyms. I took the gamble and purchased a classic 44 inch Bellicon. I absolutely LOVE it and it is the exercise on my Bellicon that gets me that runner's high that I have craved for years.

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