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I got my life back again
Heidi Mettier 29.05.2019
I love my Bellicon Plus! I lost over 100 lbs in 10 months just having Fun! My Aunt Rebounded for over 30 years into her 90's, but I never really asked her about she also lifted weights and such. Feb 2016 I Retired, and knew I had to get the weight off. I saw a Fitness guy on my local news with a dozen rebounders.. remembered my Aunt, 10 months later I got my life back. Best money I ...
My exercise routine is now easy, relaxed and above all fun
Petrina Heward 26.05.2019
I have been aware of Bellicon the Rolls Royce of rebounders for some time and managed to find one with fold-up legs to my delight. I find that this soft rebounding works miracles with weight control, back stability and numerous other benefits but overall it’s great fun. No pressure on the joints and far more beneficial than jogging on unyielding tarmac.
I am working on remineralising my spine ...
I found the bellicon brand at just the right time
M. K. 27.12.2018
I happened across the Bellicon brand (nothing is a coincidence) in April this year, and purchased it in early May.
EVERYTHING has improved
Bonnie Peterson 30.10.2018
The bellicon is the best piece of exercise equipment ever invented by humankind. I'm a sixty-five year old wife, mother, grandmother, academic professional and newbie in the gym. Since I've been using my bellicon EVERYTHING has improved. Everyone tells me how healthy I look. I've learned to SKIP on a bellicon. Who knew I could do that. My balance, strength and flexibility are better each and ...
Draining my head
Yvonne 20.10.2018
I have enjoyed jumping on my new bellicon. It has not bothered my joints. It has allowed my lymph system to drain more and I feel it draining down from my ears as they crackle to open up. ...
Nothing that sits in the corner and collects dust
Brian Flatter 17.10.2018
A friend of mine purchased a bellicon and really turned me on to the idea of getting a rebounder. I was unsure about spending a premium so I initially purchased a competitors rebounder. The construction and design was very similar so I thought I would have a good experience. It was great for about a month, but then the bungees started to fail one by one. The company worked with me for a while to ...
Great rebounder
Liza 03.10.2018
The rebounder itself is great but obviously costs more than others. For this reason, think they could make the video library free to owners without an ongoing subscription cost. ...
This trampoline has completely changed my life
Hayley 27.09.2018
This trampoline has completely changed my life. It’s fun, aerobic and health boosting. Feel fabulous after a bounce. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Have trouble with my knees, but it has strengthened them and not given me a issues with them. Would recommend to everyone ...
It keeps my body strong and healthy
Elaine Windsor Woods 24.09.2018
I just love my bellicon. I have just started using it this past week and have started to increase my time gradually. I have added this to my exercise program which consists of walking, weight training and sporadic running. I feel great. As a Registered Nurse, I know the benefits of continued exercise as we age. It is one of the ways we can keep our bodies strong and healthy. I exercise six days ...
Satisfying product, excellent service
Ken 18.09.2018
Very satisfied with the experience. Bought a refurbished and it works as advertised. Excellent service during the order process. Delivery time was acceptable and it arrived undamaged. Would definitely recommend to a friend. ...
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