A bellicon is suitable for the after-treatment of patients

Wolfgang Placht, Therapist Instructor 23.03.2014

Bouncing is living – only things that bounce are balanced

“As physio-therapist/alternative practitioner I’ve been working for 20 years with the mini trampoline in single therapy, and for 18 years I've given seminars for therapists and trainers on the subject of therapeutic work on trampolines.

It is particularly suitable for the after-treatment of patients, prevention and fitness. Almost every physical challenge is easier after exercising on a trampoline. Especially in the area of after-treatment of orthopedic and neurological diseases, as well as after-treatment of invasive surgery, we experience amazing results with trampoline therapy.

Two years ago I learned about a totally new trampoline device from bellicon that exceeded our wildest expectations. With it you experience a whole new bouncing feeling. The workmanship, high quality and unique design convinced us completely. In comparison, previous trampolines’ springs seem rigid, stiff and inflexible.”

Bellicon Trampolines offer great, individual bouncing variations to match any weight type. Therapy and fitness experience a whole new dimension. We are certain that the future lies in bellicon devices.

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