An unexpected benefit has occurred for me...

Jeff Dunaway 08.06.2015

ONE MONTH UPDATE: I really love my Bellicon. I bounce everyday throughout the day and have even hit 40 minutes a day with my favorite music. NOW.... an unexpected benefit has occurred for me. Before Bellicon I had some kind of neuropathy in my feet which made it very painful to walk outside on my lawn or driveway with bare feet.

I'm surprised to report that after one month of bouncing on the Bellicon.... the neuropathy is gone! In addition to that my body is noticeably more toned. In the past I ran 5 miles a day, 365 days a year and, pumped iron.

The feeling I get from my Bellicon is far superior to those activities. I'll never stop bouncing. ps....... my 7 year old daughter bounces every morning before school for a few minutes of fun. In reality, her bouncing guarantees that she is bright eyed and wide awake for her classes!

We are definitely a Bellicon bouncing family now.

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