Doing your own thing workout

Keith Spanswick 08.03.2022
I moved to a Bellicon after using a spring suspension mini trampoline for a few months. The difference was remarkable due I think to the progressive rather than abrupt force on mat direction change.

I am not inclined to follow regimented instructions so do my “thing” to music; in my case jazz. I key into the instruments and adjust what I do on the Bellicon accordingly, it is such fun one could say it is addictive. I will run fast during a piano solo, bounce high with trumpets, a recover doing the “twist” to drum beats.
The results are embarrassing considering I am 74! I can bounce high on one leg, sustain running flat out for 5 minutes and do my thing for several minutes holding 2kg weights.
On terra firma this translates to being able to run, walk and climb hills in the same way as when in my thirties. If I slip on ice I can recover safely, the list goes on and on———
In summary it works because the Bellicon is kind to a mature body as it eliminates abrupt acceleration forces and making it fun is the way to stick at it.
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