Great product, great customer service.

Patricia 28.05.2015

I was hesitant to spend so much on this product, but when my 49" bellicon Premium arrived, I saw the quality and felt the quiet sturdiness of this wonderful rebounder.

I had some questions and found customer service went above and beyond my expectations. I had first used a rebounder in an athletic club but when the class was cancelled I really missed it. I felt rebounding was a good bone and muscle strengthener without the jarring impact on my joints. PLUS it is a fun/weightless way to workout. I had used a good quality spring-type rebounder in my fitness class. While researching which brand to buy, I came across bellicon and learned of the bungees instead of the metal springs. It made perfect sense. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and ended up pushing the "BUY" button on the bellicon web site.

Yes, it certainly IS more expensive, but I felt it was a one-time purchase and my health was worth it. After using it I felt like I got what I paid for and I did not feel i wasted a penny. BTW, the fold-up legs are completely sturdy and very convenient.

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