I am so in love with my new Bellicon!!

Hillary 28.06.2013

About 2 months ago I decided that it was time for a change. My pants were all too tight, muffin top was flowing over my waist band and I had become addicted to my couch and junk food. I remembered an infomercial I had seen on a 90 day extreme fitness program so I figured I would go for it. I bought it and began the program. It took a lot of motivation and hard work to keep doing it every day. It was HARD! I did start to notice body fat was coming off. What I didn't anticipate was how fast the size of my muscles would grow. My goal was to shrink here and get that skinny, lean look. My thighs were the same size after 30 days. The muscle had replaced the fat and I was definitely bulking up. I had to reevaluate my fitness goals and change what I was doing. After a little research it was not hard to figure out I just needed more cardio and minimal to no resistance training. Oh cardio... how I do not like cardio. Time to get back in to my old cardio routine I guess. Running. Since I am a stay at home mom and I live in Washington I needed something I could do indoors. So began my hunt for a treadmill. I have owned treadmills in the past. I dreaded the thought of the huge machine taking over my living room. The ones that are worth buying at all are at least $800. You can't move them, you can't put them away if you are having guests over and they are reasonably loud. The last one I owned was a nice one but we had to sell it when we moved because it was just too heavy. There had to be a better option than another treadmill.

This is when I started looking into getting a little rebounder. I liked the idea that they are portable, fun, quiet and something my whole family could enjoy. They use no power and are small. The more I researched the more I learned of the benefits of rebounding. How it is far superior and effective than any other kind of exercise. I knew I wanted a rebounder and I knew I wanted the best. After all, I was about to fork out a huge chunk of change for a treadmill so buying a Bellicon was not a problem. I went ahead and ordered it. While I was waiting for it to show up I began to run every day. Each day I went out into the cold and huffed and puffed and fought through sore knees and car exhaust. It was not fun and I knew I would never be able to stick with it long term. I looked forward to my Bellicon arriving every day. My runs were about 20 or less each day. That's all I could handle because I hated it so much. My heart rate monitor would show my calorie burn at about 160 each run. And I really had to push myself hard to keep myself in the zone. It felt so laborious.

Needless to say, I was delighted when my Bellicon showed up. I got up early the next morning, put on my heart rate monitor, turned on my favorite show and began to bounce. It was fun, it felt amazing and I was in my happy place. When my heart rate monitor started to beep I was not surprised. I figured I would need to pick up the pace since I was feeling so good, I must be moving too slow. I was wrong, I was working so hard that I had gone over my zone and was heading to my maximum heart rate! I was getting more of a work out from this fun little bouncy thing with less effort! I kept it up for 40 minutes and was having so much fun i decided to watch another episode and continue bouncing. After an hour and a half it was time to get my kids up and start their day. I had burned over 650 calories and enjoyed every second of it!!! I couldn't wait for their nap time. When I put them down for nap finally, I decided to bounce again and this time, just for fun. Just because I wanted to and because it feels so good. I bounced for another three hours. (my kids sleep a long time) I didn't wear my heart rate monitor or count calories or watch the clock. I just enjoyed my "me" time and destressed on my Bellicon.

It is true, rebounding IS far superior to running, jogging, power walking, aerobics, anything I have ever tried. It's the fun factor that changes everything for me. Not only do I get great results... not only can I tolerate it... I WANT to do it! I love it. I'm so glad I invested in this Bellicon. I use it every day. It has replaced my couch while I watch shows. And I'm so glad I didn't settle for a cheaper brand. I almost bought the Jumpsport because it was so much cheaper. But my Bellicon (I got the 49" model) is much bigger and allows for freedom of movement and way more fun and versatility. I think the larger jumping surface makes for a much more effective and enjoyable experience.

Oh yeah, one more thing, my legs are finally slimming down and my fat loss is really increasing. This was the perfect choice for me and my fitness goals. Get one!!

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