I congratulate you on an excellent product

Robert 28.02.2013

Comment: I have been rebounding for 45-minute sessions 5 days per week over the past 9 years and have found it the best form of excercise. I used a spring rebounder but grew tired of replacing the springs and tearing mats so I thought I would try a Bellicon and finally ordered one. All I can say is that I wish I had gone with Bellicon from the beginning. The bounce is smoother and less jarring as compared with the high-quality spring rebounder model I was using. Here is the surprising thing that I did not expect: the cardio workout is actually better and more intense than with the spring rebounder which makes me very happy! I wanted the most intense cardio workout possible so I order the ultra bands (I weigh 230 lbs.). The effect is amazing and I equate the cardio workout to that of running and excercising in sand on the beach with the way the ultra bands absorb my weight and "sink" me into the mat. It is one awesome workout and I congratulate you on an excellent product.

Tags: cardio, workout
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