I had a hard time deciding on which Bellicon size and bungee strength to choose...

Lynn 10.09.2014

I had a hard time deciding on which Bellicon size and bungee strength to choose. As far as the bungee strength, it’s not just determined by your weight, but also by the type of exercising you plan to do on it. So, I asked for advice but then just guessed at what would be best for me. It seems fine – I chose Strong – even though I don’t quite meet the suggested weight… however I also wanted to do aerobic style exercises on it so I went with that.

I really do love the Bellicon rebounder. It is large – I chose the 49 inch and am glad I did – but not cumbersome. It’s bounce is the best – I’ve owed a real cheap brand, an Urban Rebounder and a ReboundAir – this is so much better than any of those. The others really did feel like jumping on a cheap old creaky hard mattress in comparison.

I love it but would have loved it even more if the price was lower and the terms and conditions when buying weren’t so scary and strict… it’s a very big (expensive) purchasing decision so it’s not a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that if anything weren’t right we’d probably have to pay return shipping, etc. Also, definitely would have been so helpful to have more options for trying out the different sizes and bungee strengths ahead of time… but the closest places listed to do so were 3 and 3.5 hours away, so we never got to do that.

Winging it was not easy but we seem to have made all the right choices and we love our new Bellicon Rebounder!

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