I have been rebounding for the last 25 years

Jillian 23.02.2017

I wanted to thank everyone at bellicon for being such a great company and offering an awesome rebounder! I have been rebounding for the last 25 years but I never had a bellicon.  When I relocated to North Carolina in 2015, I sold my old rebounder. I was then diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was unable to rebound for a while. After reading about how rebounding is effective for the lymphatic system and with the early stages of lymphedema, I was more intrigued about the bellicon rebounder.

@anna, in sales, was great to talk with when I was purchasing my rebounder. @billy, in customer service, was also quick to respond to all my questions. @fayth, one of the instructors, has also been a joy to exchange emails along with her great videos! Jeremy, Jill and Daisy, love your videos too! The videos are amazing and I bounce with at least 2 videos a day.

I have the 49 inch, platinum, strong, blue/green bungees and black/blue mat. I love that you can’t hear the bungees when you are bouncing, unlike my old rebounder with springs :blush:. What a difference and so much quieter. The workmanship is world-class quality! I am telling so many of my friends to purchase a bellicon since it is a great investment. I am already seeing quick results in such a short period of time! Thank you so much! #JillianStrong

– Jillian

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