I'm surprised and impressed

Linda 18.07.2015

I only started walking for exercise last March. I was really enjoying my daily 4 mile walk until the heat and humidity became unbearable, and I just couldn't deal with it any longer. I decided I wanted an alternate form of exercise similar to walking and researched rebounders for 3 months before I decided to buy a Bellicon. I honestly was doubtful that it could really give me the same benefits as walking but after reading what other users were saying I conceded that I could be wrong. I am so happy that I made that decision. my 44" Bellicon just arrived yesterday. today I walked and because of my recent inactivity, 12 minutes was my first time limit. I felt the same way that I used to feel when I first started walking, so I know this will be a workout for me just as walking outside was. it is incredibly silent and felt like I was walking on a cushy sponge. the construction is very sturdy and felt completely stable. I got the fold-up legs, which will make it easier to store when I need to put it away. I am already in love :)

Tags: walking, workout
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