Love love love!

Archervet 04.03.2017

If I could only have one piece of exercise equipment this would be it. I usually use it over an hour a day, often 30 min or so before work and 30-45 minutes after work. I am a workout nut with lots and lots of equipment (weights, barre etc etc) but have some blasted orthopedic issues in one foot and ankle that really tries its very best to put a hitch in my giddy up. I used to run daily and play soccer etc, but the @&$?!+*^# foot issue just makes that impossible now. This has given me back my cardio! I tried a cheaper rebounder first and I realized I really liked bouncing, but it was loud and it made my knees ache. This one is quiet and the knees are happy. I've tried them side by side and wow, this one is just waaaaay nicer. Kind of like going from a cheap, Walmart bike to a Cannondale. Using hand weights plus/minus weighted vest, my fitbit charge 2 and whatever music or workout videoI want, I can have a really fun and effective workout, while getting an idea of my heart rate and calorie burn. Bliss.


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