Love the bellicon!

R. Kadat 23.04.2017

I love this rebounder. It has been really fun. Amazingly good quality. Nice looking colors (orange bungies w/black mat and gray-ish stripe). I have really enjoyed the home workout subscription they provide as part of this purchase--they are fun and offer so many different ideas as to what can be done with exercise--like stretching and yoga-type moves relaxing wake up workouts to more hard-core to agility to cardio---lots of variety and the trainers are inspiring. I put this in my living room and it's helped my inactive tween get more active--something desperately needed, and the T bar is nice for him as he likes the added stability. And this has been something fun and new for my home gym and has added to the variety of workouts I can do each day as well as just sneak in extra activity during down times. The bellicon is easy to put together and very quiet (I can bounce while on work conference calls and nobody can hear me!). Highly recommended.

– R. Kadat

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