Lisa 15.01.2015

Having broken my ankle in 2012 and then developing severe knee arthritis in 2013, I was looking for anything that would allow me to get some movement. Walking wasn't working because it just made my knee hurt more. I did my research and learned about rebounding. I originally purchased a Walmart brand of trampoline. Once I realized that I really did like rebounding, and that it did not seem to inflame my knee, I did some research and found that there was no better trampoline that bellicon, Everything I read said this was the one to buy. It took my several days to accept the fact that this was not a $28 trampoline and I finally took the leap of faith that it would be worth the cost and I ordered it. I have never looked back. My bellicon came quickly and from the very first minute, I could see that there was no comparison with the Walmart version. I could actually jump and get a workout on the Bellicon, something I was never able to achieve on the Walmart version. The bounce was easier, just walking in place was easier and I now knew that my joints were really safe! Now, my only "problem" with the bellicon is not being able to keep my family off of it. My son LOVES it. My husband LOVES it. Now I have to fight for my time to jump, This was truly the BEST purchase I ever made and if anyone is questioning the price, all you need to do is jump on the bellicon and you will know instantly that it's worth every penny!

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