One needs to take it slow

Patti 15.08.2014

Hello, I do lots of yoga/walking/biking and swimming but wanted to work on my core and lymphatic system.

I am 63 and my salts and sugars are an issue. I have a healthy diet and decided to buy a rebounder. After 3 weeks I do 10 minute workout a day sometimes 2 times a day. I then loofa and then shower.

I noticed my hands and feet are not swollen in the morning. I tried a video and had to take a day off-my lower back was hurting. Epson salt baths and I am back on my rebounder again. In yoga we call it moola bundha-I need to hold in my core so I don't overdo it and my lower back hurts. My goal is 20 minutes -2 times a day. I like the way I really work up a sweat after rebounder and my heart is working too.

It is a good addition to my weekly practice. I would advise to take your time.

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