Rebounding for 10 years - bellicon is way better!

Patty 28.11.2014

Well I just got my bellicon rebounder and I am SO impressed! I've been using a ReboundAir for the last 10 years and really enjoyed it. I just happened to go online for some motivation on rebounding and came across the bellicon website, after spending some time reading about it and watching the videos I decided to order one that night! It came today and the difference in the bounce is SPECTACULAR! I feel like I get a much better workout than I ever had on the ReboundAir. My little two-and-a-half year old grandson is loving it - and even though he jumped on my "old" one for the last few weeks - he is choosing to use the bellicon as the two rebounders are sitting side by side right now! I'm giving my old one to my daughter BUT SHE TOO is choosing to buy a bellicon! If you're thinking about buying a rebounder choose the bellicon -- you will be, as I am, very HAPPY!!! Thank you bellicon for a GREAT product, I'm more than pleased!

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