Rebounding on the Bellicon 100% fixed my back

Elizabeth K. 04.10.2019
Rebounding on the Bellicon 100% fixed my back. I could barely walk after sitting for any length of time. Then I bought a Bellicon and started gently using it. Standing and closing my eyes to engage my core and following Bellicon’s rejuvenation videos whilst on it. After about 3 weeks my back pain was completely gone. We take our backs for granted when they don’t give us pain. Now I rebound 3/5 times a week to keep it strong and make myself fitter.

It’s also been amazing for lymph drainage. I have had breast cancer and lost a breast and my lymph nodes to it. Rebounding has been an incredible health benefit to my entire well being. I wouldn’t be without it!

I even recommended that my 74 year old mother get one to help her stay strong and stable in her older years. She is going to buy one.

I can’t recommend Bellicon highly enough! It’s a wonderfully made high quality rebounder. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!
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