The best health investment I have ever made

Vanessa 28.05.2017

I recently had a bone density test and was told I have osteopenia. In fact, I am very close to having osteoporosis. A friend of mine reminded me of my rebounder, (one of the top of the line spring rebounders) which I had not used regularly for about 10 years. After reading that NASA uses rebounding to help restore bone density in astronauts after their time in space, I decided to pull mine out. I was surprised when, what I remembered as being fun and easy, felt like jumping up and down on the floor! This was not going to be good for my 62 year old body! So I began researching for the best rebounder I could find. I needed something easy on my knees and joints! The name “bellicon” continually appeared! I decided to give it a try! I ordered the 44” bellicon and have fallen in love with it. The difference is amazing! I have absolutely no dread factor when it comes to jumping on my bellicon. I look forward to it each day, several times a day! It is fun, easy on my joints and knees, and so quiet you can jump on it during your family’s favorite TV show without disturbing them! I can already tell you this is the best health investment I have ever made. So much so, I have ordered a 39” with foldable legs to keep in my bedroom and to take with me on all my trips. I can’t always walk because of the weather, but I can always rebound on my bellicon. I never want to be without my workout partner! #belliconequalshealthybones!

– Vanessa

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