The quality and the support have been a gift to our lives

Susan 29.03.2017

I just wanted to thank you for making the only mini-trampoline that my son can use.  My son is now 20 years old and was diagnosed with autism.  After many years of trying other models of mini-trampolines, we realized that we were spending more money than necessary as we went through one mini-trampoline after another very quickly.  In addition, the quality of these other mini-trampolines was not good as there were problems with safety and poor jumping performance.

I remember my son’s legs falling through the springs on some of them and having to tend to the cuts that he received.  I also remember another major company refusing to even honor our warranty because they claimed that because my son was diagnosed with autism and was jumping higher than normal, he was not using the mini-trampoline under conditions of “normal use” so they claimed that this voided our warranty completely.  We were left to throw out the broken metal legs that had completely broken off of the unit, with no effective warranty for us.

Finally, almost 4 years ago, we bought our first bellicon mini-trampoline and we immediately noticed how much happier our son was on this unit.  The bounce was better than anything else we had ever found - our son was so thrilled to discover that he could jump so much higher with the springier, more solid structure.  I also am amazed that everytime we have contacted bellicon with an issue, they have cheerfully worked with us to replace any needed parts under warranty with no hesitation at all.

The superior quality of bellicon and the much-needed support have been a gift to all of our lives here.  Thank you, bellicon, for making my son’s favorite mini-trampoline, and making the many hours that he jumps on it every day so much happier.

– Susan

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