The whole family uses it

Steffani 14.05.2017

I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but just had to share my love for my bellicon rebounder! I did a great deal of research before making my decision so I was very informed when making my purchase. bellicon customer support was stellar before and after my purchase. I knew this was the right fit for my fitness needs, but little did I know, it would also greatly help my son. My son has Apraxia of speech which often comes with motor planning issues. He also struggled with some sensory issues and needs to jump to center himself. This has changed his world! He is calmer, happier, and his low muscle tone has even greatly improved! I thought this would mainly be for me, but the whole family uses it. It is structurally solid and aesthetically pleasing. My son's therapists have already been inquiring about this great rebounder to help their other occupational therapy clients. bellicon has far exceeded my expectations and all that research was well worth it. bellicon, I can't thank you enough.

– Steffani

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