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Just what I needed!
Candee 02.01.2016

Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and having suffered a stroke (a year ago from which I've fully recovered), I knew that I had to get moving and stay moving not to mention remain motivated!

I'm amazed how quickly I can become aerobic, remain so and NOT have any issues with my joints. This is so much easier and a lot more fun than exercising on a treadmill.

Thank you! I can't wait to see the improvement in my bone scan!

Tags: bones, aerobic, joints
Best Bounce Ever!
Phiction 21.09.2015

I started rebounding with a spring based rebounder some years ago and then moved up to a bungee-based bellicon competitor. I had always really wanted a bellicon, and when my husband and I paid off our mortgage this spring, we allowed ourselves each one extravagant purchase. Mine was of course the long-desired bellicon rebounder, and I have been so happy with the purchase. There really is no comparison between bounce quality of the bellicon and that of competitors - even the bungee based ones. I bounce just about every day - free-style or to the SixPax videos. I have also been able to bounce along to walking aerobics videos, which I enjoy but find too stressful on my hips and back if done on the floor. The larger mat size makes it possible to do mat based exercises on the Bellicon as well. My biggest challenge with the Bellicon is getting my german shepherd off of it. She even likes to stand on it while I bounce sometimes!

Easiest new routine ever to incorporate...
Mary Cecilia 28.11.2014

In the morning I do 100 star jumps while the espresso is underway - gets the heart pumping and joy happening. Through the day, if working from home, I've found that doing 20 < 100 jumps an hour with the e-chimes feature dinging the hour means my back never gets sore from sitting at the computer. Instant gratification. Silent, painless and graceful aerobics. Best money spent in a long time.

Tags: aerobic, jumping
I was never one to stay consistent with an exercise regime and have a shelf full of aerobic, zumba, and dance dvds to prove it.
Consistent Bouncer 10.11.2014

I really am thankful for my orange bungee Bellicon!!!

A perfect colour for a mini-trampoline purchased in the fall :-) I discovered a 27 minute workout on the Internet that is just perfect for me and I actually do it at least four times a week because I ENJOY IT!

I was never one to stay consistent with an exercise regime and have a shelf full of aerobic, zumba, and dance dvds to prove it. I always thought that if I could just find the right workout DVD I would stay consistent but never did because I did not enjoy any of them.

I can truthfully say that I do enjoy exercising on the Bellicon because it the impact is soft and not grulling and the jumping aspect is fun! The Bellicon provides just the right tension and perfect spring!! As the winter approaches I am confident that I will stay active and be ready for outdoor hikes again in the spring!

Thank You for making an excellent product.

Tags: exercise, aerobic, joy
Loving my Bellicon!
Ronda 11.08.2014

I've had my Bellicon for a few weeks now and I love it! I did a lot of research before making a decision and I'm so happy I chose a Bellicon. My entire experience has been wonderful, starting with Lauren in customer service who answered my many questions.

I ordered the 44' and it's perfect. The quality is great and it's like jumping on a cloud. It's always been hard for me to stick with an aerobic workout but I just put on some great music and away I go. I bounce for 10 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening alternating between bouncing, jogging, jumping jacks, etc. I would highly recommend a Bellicon to anyone looking for a great workout with a quality product!

Happy rebounding.

Quiet and fun - can't wait to get on it
Ted 24.03.2014

We've had our bellicon for a few weeks and I love it. It's quite unlike me to look forward to doing exercise, but I find myself going straight to the rebounder first thing when I wake up and bouncing for at least 10 minutes. The fact that the bellicon is quiet is a real necessity in our house because my wife is extremely sensitive to noise and I can bounce on it without even waking her up. It's fun and it feels really good; like bouncing on a cloud. I get great aerobic exercise and it inspires me to do push-ups and sit-ups when I'm done rebounding. I've already lost 2 pounds and I have more energy during the day. I'm a happy customer!

Sturdy & Strong
FF 10.09.2013

Wonderful for quick morning exercise. Unexpected aerobic challenge. Energizing. Takes only a bit of room. Surprisingly sturdy, no tipping at all. Great online videos for many challenge levels.

Balanced and dynamic!
Sarah 19.08.2013

One of my favorite things in life is dynamic movement that is balanced + creative.......bellicon offers this in such a FUN way! It's impossible to jump up + down without having fun, right?!

I have found that the bellicon provides so many benefits for the body :: low impact exercise, a variable surface (which provides a more functional challenge) for unique strength training and aerobic exercise, a fantastic way to get your energy flowing and a well-balanced full body experience.

I use it to mix up my exercise routines, strengthening exercises, as a warm up for yoga or just as a break from working at my desk! I heart my bellicon :)

Last but NOT least, the customer service and attention to detail is impeccable at bellicon. Unmatched quality all around!

- Sarah Tomson Beyer, Physical Therapist + Flowmotion Yoga Instructor ( )