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Glad I bought it
Donna 12.05.2017

I have been rebounding off and on since the 1970's. My last purchase was a spring rebounder and I started noticing my back would hurt after I finished only 10 min. I'm getting older and realized it was probably too hard a bounce for me. So i started researching and found the bellicon and I love it. I can really feel the difference and love the bounce and the availability of the videos so I don't get bored. My core strength is improving so much I even hit a 200 yard drive at my age of 69; I've never done that before and the bellicon is the only thing I have been doing that is different. So glad I bought it and am enjoying it immensely.

– Donna

I have been rebounding for the last 25 years
Jillian 23.02.2017

I wanted to thank everyone at bellicon for being such a great company and offering an awesome rebounder! I have been rebounding for the last 25 years but I never had a bellicon.  When I relocated to North Carolina in 2015, I sold my old rebounder. I was then diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was unable to rebound for a while. After reading about how rebounding is effective for the lymphatic system and with the early stages of lymphedema, I was more intrigued about the bellicon rebounder.

@anna, in sales, was great to talk with when I was purchasing my rebounder. @billy, in customer service, was also quick to respond to all my questions. @fayth, one of the instructors, has also been a joy to exchange emails along with her great videos! Jeremy, Jill and Daisy, love your videos too! The videos are amazing and I bounce with at least 2 videos a day.

I have the 49 inch, platinum, strong, blue/green bungees and black/blue mat. I love that you can’t hear the bungees when you are bouncing, unlike my old rebounder with springs :blush:. What a difference and so much quieter. The workmanship is world-class quality! I am telling so many of my friends to purchase a bellicon since it is a great investment. I am already seeing quick results in such a short period of time! Thank you so much! #JillianStrong

– Jillian

Exercising that Isn't!
Heather 24.01.2017

This rebounder is nothing like a rebounder with springs. Not only are you not distracted by loud squeaking, but the bounce is deep and relaxing vs. hard and unforgiving like other brands.

When was the last time you voluntarily did back-to-back exercise videos? I start off with a video from the Bellicon 50-Day Challenge and then hop over to YouTube and play a song from an aerobics playlist (Footloose soundtrack, "Little Pink Houses' by John Cougar Mellencamp, "She's a Maniac" from the Flashdance soundtrack, "Stayin' Alive," Bryan Adams, some George Michael etc)--but it's impossible to listen to just one video, so I end up exercising through another 1-3 videos. This isn't exercise, this is play!