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It keeps my body strong and healthy
Elaine Windsor Woods 24.09.2018
I just love my bellicon. I have just started using it this past week and have started to increase my time gradually. I have added this to my exercise program which consists of walking, weight training and sporadic running. I feel great. As a Registered Nurse, I know the benefits of continued exercise as we age. It is one of the ways we can keep our bodies strong and healthy. I exercise six days ...
Everyone should own a bellicon
Angie Davidson on Facebook 21.12.2017
Everyone should own a bellicon It's a perfect way to exercise for everyone - no matter what age they are. My shape has changed - particularly my legs/butt/stomach which all toned up. My core is also much better, I am very stable now which has to be of great benefit as I age. Bellicon does exactly what it promises - improvement all round in general health and fitness. If you're concerned about the cost don't be. It is an investment, but the difference between a bellicon and other rebounders is immense.
The whole family uses it
Steffani 14.05.2017

I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but just had to share my love for my bellicon rebounder! I did a great deal of research before making my decision so I was very informed when making my purchase. bellicon customer support was stellar before and after my purchase. I knew this was the right fit for my fitness needs, but little did I know, it would also greatly help my son. My son has Apraxia of speech which often comes with motor planning issues. He also struggled with some sensory issues and needs to jump to center himself. This has changed his world! He is calmer, happier, and his low muscle tone has even greatly improved! I thought this would mainly be for me, but the whole family uses it. It is structurally solid and aesthetically pleasing. My son's therapists have already been inquiring about this great rebounder to help their other occupational therapy clients. bellicon has far exceeded my expectations and all that research was well worth it. bellicon, I can't thank you enough.

– Steffani

Never going back to springs
Tonya 14.03.2017

I have been into health & fitness exercising since I was 12yrs of age. Learning a lot throughout 35yrs & owning all types of equipment, including the 323 Precor trainer gym - Nordic Track self propelled treadmill with the self propelled arms included & Ellipticals along with free weight training. I have now turned my routine over to using a trampoline. I’ve been using a Cellerciser spring design for quiet a while now. Wanting to find out more about whats out there I decided to do some further research & I found bellicon. After reading up on the benefits with the bungees versus the springs design & watching the video bellicon provided, I wanted one. So my fiancé ordered me the bellicon Premium stainless steel with the fold up legs & pink bungees as a surprise {-thanks baby-}. WoW!!! Words alone is hard to explain the difference in the bounce u have to feel it. NO strain on the joints What-So-Ever -NONE-.!. I have NEVER written a review before but this company deserves to be recognized for their AMAZING design & quality. Plus u get to customize the trampoline to your benefit & choose your own colors -Sweet!!!

P.S. Never going back to springs or owning another piece of equipment. bellicon & free weights for arm strengthening is all I’m going to need from here on

Thanks bellicon your AWESOME!!!

– Tonya

Helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health
Debra 19.01.2016

I'm nearly 65 and have been dealing with a Vestibular (balance) disorder 24/7 for 19 years. bellicon is truly helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health. I am able to use this rebounder daily, despite arthritis, Morton's Neuroma on my left foot and a torn meniscus in my right knee! It is low impact and fun! Did I mention I'm a very firm size 4? I only wish I had known about it 20 years ago! Thank you, bellicon!

Go for the best! You will not be sorry!
Susan 02.12.2015

I am so glad I invested in a bellicon! It didn't take me long to see that out of all the rebounders it was the best one available. At first it was way more than I was planning to spend, but if you plan to use it, go for the best! You will not be sorry. Sometimes I bounce with the training videos or sometimes I just dance or run on it to music with a great beat! I just keep it out all the time so I am inspired to use it regularly. It is great to be able to have a fitness tool right at home. It works with my busy schedule! By the way, I am 56 years old and want to stay young! On the bellicon, I run to Linda Ronstadt like when I was 20. Of course I am older now, but the bounce is kinder and gentler on the body and keeps me moving in the same way I used to. Thanks so much!!

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Loving my Bellicon
Lucy Rebounder 20.07.2015

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I started using my Bellicon 39" Classic. I can honestly say it is the best piece of home exercise equipment I've every used.

1) It's quiet (my neighbors in adjacent apartments can't hear me).
2) I can make it as easy or as challenging as I want.
3) When I come home after a stressful day, it only takes 10 minutes of walking/bouncing to change my mental/physical state -- great for me to do before sitting down to dinner.
4) I can see my legs toning up already.
5) It is a lot of fun, so I want to come back each day and do it again.

I am thrilled I can seeing results already and I have no doubt I will reach my long term fitness / weight loss goals.

I have a Bellicon and I am OBSESSED with it!
tracithinsout2015 03.06.2015

I have a Bellicon and I am OBSESSED with it! It is well worth the price. The bungees make it feel like you are jumping on a cloud. It's super quiet and easy on the knees.

I have used mine daily and it shows no signs of wear. I previously bought a rebounder from Amazon (with elastic straps) and it broke within 2-3 months. I bought the middle size classic and put it up on a chair against the wall when I'm not using it. I'm 5'2" and it's the perfect size for me to do jumping jacks and different stretches. They also have ones with the folding legs.

One idea is to call the office and see if they are selling any floor model frames at a discount. They may be slightly imperfect (mine had a tiny scratch in the black paint), but are worth the discount if you can get one. If you have any questions or want to see videos, please let me know.

My Bellicon is far and away my favorite piece of fitness equipment!

"Spring to my step"
Edna 31.10.2014

Health and fitness are important to me, but there have only been two kinds of exercise I have ever really enjoyed: swimming and rebounding. I had to give up swimming several years ago because of a medical condition. Before that, I had to give (metal-spring) rebounding because of a downstairs neighbor (who couldn't stand all the squeaking). Without swimming or rebounding as options, I wasted thousands of dollars on gym equipment and memberships I never used and thousands of hours on mental schemes to motivate myself to exercise outside that never worked.

A few months ago, I learned about the bungee-cord trampoline and regained hope that I could actually WANT to exercise again, after so many years of being sedentary. I read/listened to lots of reviews about the various kinds and brands of rebounders and decided to buy a Bellicon.

Well, I couldn't be happier. The Bellicon truly is everything that people say about it: beautifully-crafted, remarkably quiet, a challenging cardio/strength/balance/flexibility workout, and unbelievably fun! I love that I can use it at home, at any time, and for any length of time. It really seems more like play than work., even when I'm pushing myself as hard as I can.

Every time I find myself regretting that I didn't find the Bellicon sooner, I remind myself that the health, fitness, and happiness benefits it gives me now will add high-quality years to my life. That also means I'll be expressing my gratitude to Bellicon far into the future.

Thank you, Bellicon!

the best darn rebounder there is
Mary 15.08.2014

I have purchased and owned three other rebounders over a period of 18 years, My friend told me about the bellicon.

I decided to purchase the bellicon and I am very pleased with the bellicon its very quiet and very well made.

The quality is excellent, I Love my Bellicon - its the best.