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This trampoline has completely changed my life
Hayley 27.09.2018
This trampoline has completely changed my life. It’s fun, aerobic and health boosting. Feel fabulous after a bounce. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Have trouble with my knees, but it has strengthened them and not given me a issues with them. Would recommend to everyone ...
The bellicon is amazing!
Cindy Savino 15.09.2018
The Bellicon is amazing! It is made of quality materials and is also so much fun! I can't keep my family off of it! This makes exercising so much more fun. Don't hesitate to get this. We love it! ...
Pure Joy!
MJ 15.09.2018
Rebounding is the ONLY exercise I've ever done that 1) I look forward to, 2) smile and laugh while using it and 3) use with consistency - no more boring dreadmill, no more fitness instructors yelling at me, just complete delight -- simply put, bouncing on my brightly colored Bellicon (with alternating confetti bungees) brings me pure joy! I turn up the tunes, get going, and all stress melts ...
Tags: Fun, Relaxation, fun, joy
It's the best way to get off the couch
Kay Mateus 15.09.2018
I love my bellicon! It's so much fun; I literally dance while watching friends! It's the best way to get off the couch.

The videos on the portal are also amazing!!! I love love love every single video with Fayth!!! I highly recommend them.. They also keep track by bounces and give you milestones equal to the height you've bounced, which is a fun detail- can you bounce the height of the ...
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So quiet. So sturdy. And SO FUN.
Jacqueline Giambrone 15.09.2018
This is not your kids squeaky wobbly trampoline! The quality of this rebounder is unparalleled. So quiet. So sturdy. And SO FUN. You don't even realize you are doing something amazing for your body! I recommend Bellicon to everyone who will listen. ...
Tags: Fun, fun, quality
Everyone should own a bellicon
Angie Davidson on Facebook 21.12.2017
Everyone should own a bellicon It's a perfect way to exercise for everyone - no matter what age they are. My shape has changed - particularly my legs/butt/stomach which all toned up. My core is also much better, I am very stable now which has to be of great benefit as I age. Bellicon does exactly what it promises - improvement all round in general health and fitness. If you're concerned about the cost don't be. It is an investment, but the difference between a bellicon and other rebounders is immense.
Love the bellicon!
R. Kadat 23.04.2017

I love this rebounder. It has been really fun. Amazingly good quality. Nice looking colors (orange bungies w/black mat and gray-ish stripe). I have really enjoyed the home workout subscription they provide as part of this purchase--they are fun and offer so many different ideas as to what can be done with exercise--like stretching and yoga-type moves relaxing wake up workouts to more hard-core to agility to cardio---lots of variety and the trainers are inspiring. I put this in my living room and it's helped my inactive tween get more active--something desperately needed, and the T bar is nice for him as he likes the added stability. And this has been something fun and new for my home gym and has added to the variety of workouts I can do each day as well as just sneak in extra activity during down times. The bellicon is easy to put together and very quiet (I can bounce while on work conference calls and nobody can hear me!). Highly recommended.

– R. Kadat

Look forward to working out
Michelle 02.03.2017

I just bought a bellicon a month ago. The first time in my life that I’m actually addicted to and look forward to working out. I first purchased a rebounder with springs, but it felt way too stiff. Did research on and purchased the beliicon...HUGE difference. The jumping is akin to gliding. I’m also glad that I chose the 44 inch...way more room to do the moves. Love it!

– Michelle

Excellent product
Jenny 21.06.2016

I love my bellicon! I bought the hexagonal shaped rebounder and its design and durability make all the difference - I used to use a regular spring mini trampoline for exercising a couple of years ago. Honestly, after experiencing the soft (and quiet) bounce of a bellicon versus the spring, I definitely prefer the better quality and longer lasting bellicon. My children think it's fun too :)

Tags: children, fun
It is way better than we had even dreamed!
Donna Walker 17.03.2015

"We set up our bellicon this weekend and it is waaaaayyyy better than we had even dreamed!! :-) We had a houseful of friends staying over and they all loved it! From the way it is packaged to the sturdiness of the engineering, and the gentle fun of the bounce."

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