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Draining my head
Yvonne 20.10.2018
I have enjoyed jumping on my new bellicon. It has not bothered my joints. It has allowed my lymph system to drain more and I feel it draining down from my ears as they crackle to open up. ...
Awesome also for overweight users
Diane 15.09.2018
My Bellicon rebounder is AWESOME! I am 58 years old and was looking for something to help me exercise that would be easy for me to adjust too, since I was not a regular exerciser. I wanted something easy on the joints, and to help my balance as well. I had also read that rebounding helps the lymphatic system. I sit all day in my job, and was noticing my feet swelling up by the end of the day. ...
The rebounder makes all the difference
Elizabeth 16.09.2018
When I first learned about the health benefits of using a rebounder, I bought an inexpensive unit at Sports Authority. My back would feel jarred, it was noisy and too small. I decided to go for the Bellicon after reading about the quality build of it, and I am SO HAPPY I gave rebounding another chance. Now I get on it every morning and look forward to it. I feel great afterwards, ready for the ...
Impacted my life for the better on every level
Cecilia Fitzgerald 05.08.2018
I purchased this amazing Rebounder in 2013 after learning about rebounding. Having a Bellicon has impacted my life for the better on every level. As a child i was told that I would be disable by Arthritis as a young adult. Running, which I loved, always left me in a broken shambles...
Addicted to it for Life
Christina 01.02.2018
I'm really glad I decided to call and talk to a human before making the purchase! Paige, you are such a nice human!:blush: Thank you for being so genuinely friendly and helpful during our conversation! You made it easy for me to make the decision to purchase a bellicon. Thank you for your excellent customer service! Please pass my email along to your manager because I would like him/her to know this about you!
Tags: Cancer, lymph
A joy!
Jeff 29.04.2016

I'm 6'2" over 200lbs, 45 years old. I went with the 44" extra strong. I've had it about a month and I do 20 minutes a day. I truly look forward to it (unlike other forms of exercise). I feel like I have to do it every day and always plan for it, whether it's early morning or after work. I always feel better afterwards. It's easy on the joints and I can just picture the lymph flowing. I like bouncing outdoors, but indoors is cool too when the weather is bad. No excuses! My daughter loves it too. Looking forward to rebounding for a long time to come.

Tags: lymph, child, exercise
Bouncing My Way Back to Health
Jo 12.01.2016

I'm so glad I spent the extra $$ to purchase a Bellicon rebounder! It is sooo much quieter and easier to bounce and carry around than my old spring rebounder. The major benefit for me, however, is its lymph-cleansing and bone-building potential both of which I need, post-cancer/osteopenia. I try to be proactive about my health, and this is a fun way to do that.

Yes, it works
Truther 10.12.2015

Simply put: it's everything you've seen the positive reviews say. It's SO much smoother than a steel-spring unit. It's SO easy to use it for long periods of time due to the gentleness of the bungee-springs. It clearly is helping me with lymphatic stagnation health problems. The price is a bit of an issue, but yes it is a great mini-trampoline, the Rolls Royce of a so-called rebounder.

Tags: lymph, health, bungee
Incredible for lymph system - buying another one
Chuck 19.12.2013

My wife came home about a month ago with a bellicon rebounder saying it would help release toxins in her lymph system. Skeptical, but supportive, I now am in amazement every time she jumps. Last night we came home from dinner, which normally would be too full to exercise. She stepped on her rebounder, was just lightly bouncing by barely rolling up on her feet without actually the feet leaving the rebounder while music played and we talked casually. After less than 10 minutes, her palms were bright red from the blood flow and activity excitation of her lymph system. I'm in constant amazement every time I see it in action. On other more rigorous workout days, she is adapting to doing core body strength exercises including bouncing in a sit-up position and cardio levels I have not seen her sustain in any other exercise format. She has never had an exercise that she can do so conveniently, in such short time and with proven effects like her lymph system responses. It also brightens her mood in 5 minutes. She never gets off without smiling.

She described to me about the reputation bellicon had and the engineering principles behind it versus other's that look similar. After feeling and seeing it first hand, it is the absolute best money we have ever spent. I would never compromise on this technology. It definitely is not "just a bungee cord". We are not wealthy by any stretch, but I just ordered her the 39" to take traveling on the holidays and am picking it up this afternoon. Shhh...don't tell her.

Purchased for lymphatic drainage
CJR 15.12.2013

Being recently diagnosed with thyroid disease and multi-nodular goiter, I have been experiencing swelling and pain in my lower neck, and also under my collarbone area. The pain was getting worse, even after 6 months of daily medication and iodine. Then I just happened to be invited over by my nephews to bounce on their new outdoor trampoline. I only bounced with them about 10 minutes. The next morning I woke to find that 75% of my neck pain was gone. I immediately wondered why and this started me on my journey to learning about lymphatic drainage. This rebounder was purchased specifically for this purpose. I have only had it a few days now, but have been using it daily and would estimate my pain is now over 95% resolved. At this time, I can only attribute this to the lymphatic drainage caused by this type of exercise. I now suspect I have some sort of lymph node congestion, and plan on making rebounding a part of my daily life - which is why I spent the money and bought this brand. I hope to update this review in the future, once I have more use under my belt.